Acquisition of CoinDesk Sparks Worries About Editorial Autonomy

Acquisition of CoinDesk Sparks Worries About Editorial Autonomy

Bullish’s Acquisition of CoinDesk Raises Questions about Editorial Integrity

If you are involved in the cryptocurrency sector, you could be aware of CoinDesk as an independent and hard-hitting news organization in the industry. They have been fearless in their reporting, as evidenced by their investigation into FTX’s solvency, which led to the exposure of the exchange that filed for bankruptcy later on. Nonetheless, Bullish’s recent acquisition of CoinDesk raises concerns about the publication’s editorial independence.

The acquisition has sparked fears that the impartiality and integrity of CoinDesk could be compromised as an acquisition by an operating company of, the backer of the cryptocurrency exchange, raises probable conflicts of interest. Jason Yanowitz, the founder of Blockworks, compared the acquisition to Binance buying CoinDesk or BlackRock buying Bloomberg, stressing that it might crush the editorial integrity of the brand.

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Bullish Acquires CoinDesk

Bullish, backed by, recently acquired CoinDesk from Digital currency Group in an all-cash deal. The move has drawn attention due to’s controversial reputation, with accusations of abandoning the development of EOS, for which it raised $4 billion. Regardless of being one of the largest holders of Bitcoin, the company’s actions with EOS have sparked criticism.

DCG’s Legal Troubles

Interestingly, the acquisition comes at a time of financial hardship for DCG, as it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after the collapse of its subsidiary Genesis Worldwide Financial resources. Although while the deal provides liquidity relief for DCG, it has heightened concerns about the  capacity impact on CoinDesk’s editorial standards. Numerous argue that financial motives should not justify jeopardizing the vital editorial standards of journalism.

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Hot Take: Bullish’s Acquisition of CoinDesk Threatens Editorial Independence

The recent acquisition of CoinDesk by Bullish has raised concerns about the editorial integrity of a once-independent news outlet. As readers, you rely on trustworthy information to make notified decisions in the cryptocurrency sector. Therefore, it is essential to question how the ownership of the publication might impact its objectivity and independence. The  capacity conflict of interest could have far-reaching consequences for the cryptocurrency industry’s access to transparent and unbiased reporting. It is important to hold news organizations accountable for maintaining their editorial standards, regardless of changes in ownership.

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