AnonyCard’s Ongoing ICO to Introduce Debit Cards with Full KYC Exemption

AnonyCard's Ongoing ICO to Introduce Debit Cards with Full KYC Exemption

AnonyCard Introduces Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Bank Card for Privacy-Conscious Users

AnonyCard, a well- established Swiss company specializing in IT and financial data analysis, has partnered with major players in the Swiss financial services industry to develop a unique cryptocurrency bank card. This groundbreaking solution intends to address the critical issues faced by digital currency users when making crypto-to-fiat payments, such as intrusive KYC procedures, high charges, limited accessibility, and data breaches.

The Ideal Card for Privacy-Conscious Transactions

AnonyCard’s cryptocurrency debit card is 100% cryptocurrency-based and does not require KYC verification or impose payment constraints. One of its key advantages is its fee structure, with a transaction fee of only 0.1% and a maximum limit of 100 USDT per transaction. This is significantly lower compared to traditional credit and debit cards that often charge up to 5%. AnonyCard likewise offers a high level of customization to strengthen user convenience.

Another notable feature of AnonyCard is its support for FIAT payments using major digital currencies like BTC, Ethereum (ETH), and XRP Ripple (XRP). Real-time exchange rates managed by the Swiss National Bank and MT Pelerin Group SA secure seamless transactions. In the future, AnonyCard intends to accommodate over 100 digital currencies, further expanding accessibility for users.

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AnonyCard goes beyond providing privacy-centric services; it likewise bonus its community by sharing 20% of profits derived from transaction fees with ANCA token holders. With the worldwide e-commerce payment market projected to reach $525 Billion in 2023, this presents a unique opportunity for token holders to take advantage of the platform’s growth.

The AnonyCard ICO

To fund the development of their revolutionary card, AnonyCard has launched an ICO for the ANCA token on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The ICO offers 1,500,000,000 tokens at prices ranging from $0.008 to $0.012 in 3 stages. Unsold tokens will be burned, and once listed on UniSwap, the price will be set at $0.016. Only 8% of the tokens are allocated to the team, and the soft cap for the ICO is set at a low $300,000.

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What Lies Ahead?

In the coming year, AnonyCard has exciting developments planned, including live-streamed events, the launch of ANCA trading on Uniswap, and the introduction of their application. Privacy advocates and tech enthusiasts similar should keep a close eye on this project as it continues  to shape secure and discreet transactions in the digital landscape.

Hot Take: AnonyCard Revolutionizes Financial Privacy with Cryptocurrency Bank Card

AnonyCard’s collaboration with major players in the Swiss financial services industry has resulted in a groundbreaking cryptocurrency bank card that prioritizes financial privacy. By eliminating intrusive KYC procedures and offering low fees, AnonyCard intends to provide a seamless and customizable user experience. With its support for FIAT payments using major digital currencies and intends to expand accessibility to over 100 digital currencies, AnonyCard is poised to disrupt the industry. The ICO for their ANCA token presents a chance for investors to capitalize on the platform’s growth. As AnonyCard continues  its journey in 2023, expect further advancements and innovations that redefine privacy-centric payments.

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For more information about AnonyCard, visit their website.

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