Are Extraterrestrials Present in Mexico’s Congress: Groundbreaking Discovery or Another Deception?

Are Extraterrestrials Present in Mexico's Congress: Groundbreaking Discovery or Another Deception?

Intriguing States of Alien Corpses Emerge in Mexican Congress

A recent presentation in the Mexican Congress has sparked intense discussions about extraterrestrial life. Journalist and ufologist José Jaime Maussan presented what he believes are non-human mummies realized  in Peru. These supposed ancient creatures have been carbon-dated by Mexico’s prestigious university, UNAM, which confirmed their age but did not determine their origin. American for Safe Aerospace Executive Director Ryan Graves, who likewise testified before the United States Congress on related matters, attended the hearing and expressed dissatisfaction with Maussan’s claims.

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History Repeats Itself: The Peruvian Alien Corpse Hoax

This is not the first time Maussan has made such states. In 2017, he presented similar alien mummies in the Peruvian Congress, which were later exposed as a hoax involving manipulated mummies and human remains. Specialists revealed that the bodies were crafted using dog skulls and human bones to resemble extraterrestrial beings.

Take It with a Grain of Salt

Given Maussan’s history of promoting hoaxes, skepticism is warranted. Although while there has been increased Government interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena, it is important to approach these states critically. NASA recently announced the upcoming release of a comprehensive report on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs), promising further insights into the nature and origin of these phenomena.

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Hot Take: Will NASA’s Report Outshine Alien Mummies?

The anticipation for NASA’s report is high, especially considering the recent surge in interest of the public regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life. With 16 community specialists contributing to the report, it intends to shed light on UAPs. Although while alien mummies may capture our imagination, it’s critical to approach these states with scientific scrutiny. The reality about extraterrestrial life may still be out there, waiting to be discovered.

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