Arkhams Revelation: Full Disclosure of Grayscales BTC Holdings

Arkhams Revelation: Full Disclosure of Grayscales BTC Holdings

The Tracking of Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust Wallets

Arkham Intelligence, a blockchain analytics platform, has successfully tracked over 1,750 wallets that are believed to be linked to Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust. In the interest of security, Grayscale has always kept its on-chain addresses hidden, despite the fact that it publicly discloses its Bitcoin (BTC) balances. Nonetheless, Arkham’s exploration of the trust’s entity page has exposed that it holds a staggering 627,779,000 BTC, which is valued at over $16 billion.

The Confirmation of Grayscale’s Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance

Regardless of facing criticism on social media platforms, such as X (formerly Twitter), where users accused Grayscale of owning fewer Bitcoins than reported, Arkham’s findings confirm that Grayscale is already a whole lot of Bitcoin whale. The wallets associated with Grayscale hold a collective amount of $16.1 Billion in BTC, establishing Grayscale as the second- largest Bitcoin (BTC) entity worldwide. In addition, Arkham likewise disclosed that Grayscale occupies the Second position between Ethereum (ETH) entities, with holdings worth $5 Billion in Ethereum.

Revealing Grayscale’s Wallet Addresses

Through a search on Arkham for “Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust,” five connected wallet addresses have been identified. The first 3 wallets hold approximately $51 Million worth of BTC, while the remaining two wallets do not possess any funds. Nonetheless, their on-chain activity can be traced back to Grayscale, further solidifying the connection.

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Grayscale’s Battle with the SEC

Apart from this recent revelation, Grayscale has likewise achieved a whole lot of victory against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). An appellate court has ordered the SEC to revoke its decision to reject Grayscale’s Bitcoin (BTC) ETF application. In the face of this development, Grayscale has written to the SEC, requesting a meeting to discuss the next steps following the court’s ruling.

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The SEC’s Concerns and Grayscale’s Pursuit

Despite the fact that the SEC has approved Bitcoin (BTC) futures ETFs based on a market surveillance agreement with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), it has been reluctant to provides a similar setup to Grayscale’s spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF. The SEC’s primary concern revolves around probable market manipulation. Still, Grayscale remains persistent in its pursuit of a spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF.

Hot Take: Grayscale’s Dominance and Regulatory Challenges

Arkham’s tracking of Grayscale Bitcoin (BTC) Trust wallets confirms its status as a major player in the digital currency market, holding billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH). Although while Grayscale faces regulatory hurdles from the SEC, its recent legal victory indicates its determination to establish a spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF. The outcome of this battle between Grayscale and the SEC will significantly impact future of the digital currency investment and regulation.

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