B2BinPay v17 Launches, Enhancing Crypto Payment Efficiency and Reducing Costs

B2BinPay v17 Launches, Enhancing Crypto Payment Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Introducing B2BinPay Version 17: Enhancing Your Cryptocurrency Payment Experience

Expanded Settlement Options: TrueUSD and Euro Coin

In an ever-changing financial world, stability is key. That’s why B2BinPay has expanded its currency support to include TrueUSD (TUSD) and Euro Coin (EUROC) in its Merchant Wallets. This update offers you a wider range of payment alternatives, with a total of 14 digital currencies, 14 stablecoins, and 25 tokens that can be auto-converted into 7 different currencies. These additions are compatible with numerous token standards, giving you increased flexibility in managing payments and settlements.

Robust Token Ecosystem: The Power of Blockchain

B2BinPay’s Version 17 upgrade takes its enterprise-grade blockchain wallet solution to the next level. Now supporting 14 stablecoins and 113 new tokens across different blockchain networks like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin, TRON, and Binance Smart Chain, B2BinPay ensures that your crypto-only business approach is backed by a well-rounded platform.

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More Economical Pricing: Saving You Money

We understand the importance of competitive pricing. That’s why we’ve revamped our pricing structure in Version 17. For merchants, the initial setup fee is now only $500, and transaction fees have been reduced from 0.5% to 0.4%. We’ve likewise introduced new commission tiers, allowing you to enjoy rates as low as 0.25% for higher transaction volumes. Institutional blockchain wallets now have a revised setup fee of $1000, providing even more value for your money.

Enhanced User Experience: Streamlined and Customizable

Version 17 brings whole lot of improvements to the user interface. With new categorization alternatives, an alphabetical search utility, and a favorites section, navigating the platform has never been easier. We’ve likewise included detailed onboarding documentation to guide both new and experienced users. Plus, you can now view transaction fees in your preferred currency for enhanced financial transparency.

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Functionality Upgrades: Smoother Operations

We’ve made plenty of usability enhancements in Version 17. Improved dropdown menus and advanced search capabilities make it quicker to find what you need. The expiration limit on merchant invoices has been removed, and you’ll receive email notifications for reports. We’ve introduced a “Delete Wallet” feature for zero-balance wallets, and enterprise customers can now sort wallet tables by ID and currency. QR code generation has been improved for easier readability, and a password verification pop-up box simplifies IP whitelist management.

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Reliable Customer Support: Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

In Version 17, we’ve not only improved the visual and functional aspects of our platform but likewise enhanced the customer support experience. Our real-time warning system ensures that you’re promptly notified of new messages in your support tickets, so you can receive efficient assistance whenever you need it.

The Bottom Line Line: B2BinPay Version 17 is Your Path to Success

B2BinPay Version 17 is a comprehensive update designed to cater to a wide range of client needs. On the other hand, we’re not stopping there. Versions 18 and 19 are already in development, promising even more advanced features. With our partnerships and dedication to development, B2BinPay is the gold standard in digital currency payment solutions. Join us on this journey and experience future of the cryptocurrency payments.

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Hot Take: B2BinPay Version 17 revolutionizes the cryptocurrency payment experience, offering expanded settlement alternatives, a robust token ecological system, more economical pricing, enhanced user experience, functionality upgrades, and reliable customer support. With continuous advancements and a solid position in the industry, B2BinPay is the go-to solution for digital currency transactions.

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