Beliebers Now Have the Opportunity to Possess Company NFTs

Beliebers Now Have the Opportunity to Possess Company NFTs

Own a Piece of Justin Bieber’s “Company” Through NFTs

Experience a digital revolution of Justin Bieber’s trending track “Company” as it enters the world of NFTs. With this unique offering, you have the chance to own a portion of the song and potentially earn future royalties. The mastermind behind this innovative move is producer Axident, renowned for his collaborations with artists like Pitbull and Jason Derulo.

How It Works: Partnership with AnotherBlock

Axident has partnered with blockchain-based music rights platform AnotherBlock to make this groundbreaking concept a reality. Through the sale of 2,000 Ethereum-based NFTs, fans can secure a 1% portion of the streaming royalty rights to “Company.” Originally released in 2015 as part of Bieber’s Grammy-nominated album “Purpose,” “Company” continues  to captivate fans worldwide with over 500 Million streams on Spotify alone.

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Economical Ownership and Future Royalties

Starting on September 7, you can purchase these ERC-721 tokens representing ownership in the song at a starting price of 0.017 Ethereum (ETH) ( approximately $28). Owners of these NFTs will receive 0.0005% of future streaming revenue from platforms like Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. Payments will be distributed semi-annually, with exciting updates promised by AnotherBlock.

Axident’s Perspective and Connection to the Song

Producer Axident expresses his excitement for this project, recognizing that the ownership of a song holds more value than just monetary gain. He believes it establish a profound connection between the fans and the piece of art. As he states, “This approach is democratic and signifies the future.”

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AnotherBlock: Bringing Universally Beloved Songs to the Web 3.0 World

Michel Traore, the CEO of AnotherBlock, outlines the power of introducing beloved songs like “Company” to the realm of Web 3.0. Through their platform, they have sold streaming royalty rights to hit songs by artists such as Rihanna, MIMS, and David Guetta. Alongside these offerings, AnotherBlock likewise provides a range of NFTs without royalty shares.

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Hot Take:

By allowing fans to own a piece of their favorite songs through NFTs, the music industry is embracing a new era of fan engagement and democratization. This fusion of blockchain and music rights opens doors to endless possibilities, giving enthusiasts an opportunity to be part of the future and connect on a deeper level with the art they love.

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