Bitcoin to be Utilized for Launching a Metaverse Token by Animoca Brands’ Subsidiary

Bitcoin to be Utilized for Launching a Metaverse Token by Animoca Brands' Subsidiary

Darewise Entertainment and Horizen Labs Partner to Develop First Metaverse network Token on Bitcoin

Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has joined forces with Horizen Labs to create the first-ever metaverse network token built on the Bitcoin (BTC) network. Horizen Labs, a blockchain company, will provide guidance and consulting services for the token’s development. This collaboration intends to challenge Ethereum’s dominance in the Web 3.0 and gaming sectors. Animoca Brands’ co- founder and executive chairman, Yat Siu, believes that high-quality gaming is critical for Bitcoin’s mass adoption and considers this partnership a pivotal moment for the digital currency. Nonetheless, skeptics question whether Bitcoin’s existing infrastructure can handle complex transactions required for gaming in the metaverse.

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Horizen Labs to Offer Technical Expertise

Horizen Labs, known for its expertise in zero-knowledge cryptography, will offer technical and consultation services for the project. Robert Viglione, CEO of Horizen Labs, expressed excitement about collaborating with Darewise and Animoca Brands due to their long-standing relationship with Bitcoin. Although while ambitious, this partnership must demonstrate the viability and growth probable of a Bitcoin (BTC) gaming ecosystem.

Testing Bitcoin’s Probable in a Changing Digital World

Vincent Marty, chief product officer at Darewise Entertainment, stated that they are testing Bitcoin’s probable in an ever-evolving digital landscape. In the upcoming months, they intend to unveil technological advancements that will impact not only Life Beyond but likewise metaverses and games worldwide.

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Hot Take: Bitcoin’s Entry into the Metaverse

The partnership between Darewise Entertainment and Horizen Labs marks an important step in bringing Bitcoin (BTC) into the metaverse network. By creating the first metaverse network token on the Bitcoin (BTC) network, they intend to challenge Ethereum’s dominance in the space. Although while some question Bitcoin’s infrastructure capabilities, this collaboration will test the cryptocurrency’s probable in the gaming industry. As high-quality gaming becomes increasingly vital for mass adoption, this partnership could pave the way for Bitcoin’s integration into the evolving digital world.

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