Blur NFT Marketplace Distributes $8.4 Million in Latest Airdrop Event

Blur NFT Marketplace Distributes $8.4 Million in Latest Airdrop Event


Blur NFT Marketplace User Receives $8.4M Worth of Tokens

Blur, the NFT marketplace, is gearing up for Season 3 bonus for traders. During Season 2, one trader received a substantial airdrop of BLUR tokens worth over $8.4 Million based on their active NFT bids, listings, and lending activity. This trader, known as Hanwe, received 22.85 Million BLUR tokens as part of the airdrop. Despite the fact that the tokens were at the beginning valued at $7.3 Million, their value has since risen.

Using the Ethereum (ETH) Name Service, the trader was able to assign their wallet a human-readable name and received the largest share of the Season 2 rewards.

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Blur, which experienced greater NFT volume of trading than OpenSea, announced that its upcoming Season 3 bonus will be powered by a new Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 network, Blast, with a future airdrop of “REDACTED” in May 2024. In addition, the reward structure will be altered to include a 50% deposit of BLUR tokens in the platform.

New Ethereum (ETH) Layer-2 Network Blast Makes Waves with Airdrop

Backed by investors like Paradigm and Standard Cryptocurrency, Blur’s Season 3 bonus will involve the new Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 network was known Blast, which recently raised $20 Million. Blast will offer native yield on tokens such as Ethereum (ETH) and stablecoins, and will play a whole lot of role in powering Blur’s upcoming rewards.

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Punk9059, a director of research at NFT startup Proof, acknowledged a Blur trader who turned a 2-3 Ethereum (ETH) investment into a remarkable $83,100 airdrop. Popular NFT collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club came under pressure during Season 2 as some traders sought to maximize their airdrop rewards.

Controversy Surrounding the Trading of Airdropped Tokens

Notable trader Jeffrey Huang, likewise known as Machi Big Brother, sold over 50 Apes in a short span of time during Season 2, resulting in a whole lot of airdrop of 6 Million BLUR tokens, worth approximately $2 Million. Following the close of Season 2, Huang expressed dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with his haul by levying expletives against Blur and its co- founder on Twitter.

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It’s clear that the upcoming Season 3 of Blur’s bonus will have a whole lot of impact on the NFT trading space, especially with the introduction of the Blast network and altered reward structures.

Hot Take

The impact of Hanwe’s substantial airdrop of BLUR tokens further solidifies Blur’s position in the NFT marketplace, and the involvement of Blast in Season 3’s bonus marks a whole lot of shift for the platform. Nonetheless, controversy surrounding excessive trading for airdropped tokens may raise questions about the fairness and ethics of rewarding active traders. As the NFT space continues  to evolve, platforms like Blur will need to navigate these challenges thoughtfully to sustain trust and integrity within the community.

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