BP-FLAC Secures $10M Funding for International A100/H100 Node Buildout

BP-FLAC Secures $10M Funding for International A100/H100 Node Buildout

BP-FLAC Secures $10 Million in Funding for Key Initiatives

San Francisco, USA, November 18th, 2023, Chainwire — The first generative Al Infrastructure public chain with infinite computing power aggregation capabilities, BP-FLAC, has secured a whole lot of $10 Million in funding. This funding will be critical in expediting the realization of key initiatives, including real GPU computing power allocation, the establishment of a worldwide multi-node GPU computing center, the low-code A.I. training platform, personalized training and services in AIGC, the successful mapping of incentives from the testnet to the mainnet, and token airdrop as a reward for early contributors at the mainnet launch.

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Prominent Blockchain and High-Tech Investors Show Strong Support

This round of financing and grants received robust support from prominent investors in the blockchain and high-tech sectors, including Eureka Partners, Westlabs, Mybitdata Ltd., DecentraLabs, Amazon, NVIDIA, and the influential Alkhabeer Fund from the Middle East family office.

Bonding Unique & Innovative Features of BP-FLAC

BP-FLAC is the Turing-complete ecological network supporting A.I. big computing power and intelligent applications. It distinguished in the market due to its unique and innovative features, including the optimization of zk Algorithm Based on CUDA, the ownership and on-chain integration of A100 Machines, and pioneering Chip RWA Standard enabling a standardized and secure framework for token issuance and exchange based on chip.

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Funding Allocation and Worldwide Vision

The funding will be utilized to develop the project universally, focusing on the intelligent allocation of real GPU computing power, technology, research, and development financial resources, ecological system and community building, and fostering incentive mechanisms, developer ecological systems, and partnership relationships.

Exciting Future Plans for BP-FLAC

BP-FLAC will accomplish the mapping of incentives from the testnet to the mainnet and aim for decentralized governance within the community. The platform will likewise extend its computational services to facilitate fundamental infrastructure such as smart cities and meteorology.

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Hot Take: BP-FLAC Poised to Revolutionize A.I. with Infinite Computing Power

BP-FLAC’s recent securing of $10 Million in funding has positioned it to realize its big  intends to revolutionize A.I. with limitless expansion possibilities for Web 3.0. With a commitment to meeting the A.I. service needs of 200 Million users on BP-FLAC in the future, the platform’s worldwide impact will be formidable as it continues  to pioneer groundbreaking advancements in A.I. and computing power.

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