Breaking News: Genesis, a Cryptocurrency Company, Halts Trading Activities

Breaking News: Genesis, a Cryptocurrency Company, Halts Trading Activities

Genesis Discontinues Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Services

Genesis, a digital asset financial firm, has announced that it will no longer offer cryptocurrency derivatives trading services through its subsidiary GGCI. This decision applies to all of the company’s business entities and was created voluntarily based on strategic business considerations. Nonetheless, Genesis has assured its clients that any open derivatives positions with GGCI will be honored until their expiry dates.

Streamlining Operations and Focusing on Core Areas

In recent weeks, Genesis has been implementing strategic changes and growing back its services to streamline operations and focus on core areas of expertise. The discontinuation of digital asset derivatives trading through GGCI aligns with the company’s broader strategic realignment. Genesis has fully supported clients in managing and closing any remaining open positions, with the termination of derivatives trading services scheduled for September 21.

Reasons Behind the Decision

The reasons behind Genesis’ decision to discontinue cryptocurrency derivatives trading services have not been explicitly disclosed. Nonetheless, market observers speculate that factors such as regulatory uncertainties, market volatility, or shifting client demands may have influenced the company’s strategic realignment.

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Genesis Files Lawsuit Against Digital currency Group

Genesis Worldwide Financial resources has filed a lawsuit against Digital currency Group (DCG) over the repayment of over $610 Million in loans that matured in May. Genesis is seeking to recover $500 Million borrowed by DCG under four loans and 4,550 Bitcoin (BTC) valued at around $117 Million owed by affiliated Digital currency Group International under a fifth loan.

In Talks for Partial Repayment

Despite the fact that Genesis has filed lawsuits against DCG, the firm is as of now in talks with DCG for partial repayment. If a settlement is reached, Genesis plans to fall the lawsuits. DCG owes more than $1.7 Billion to Genesis and other debtors, and an agreement has been proposed for DCG to pay $275 Million and obtain $1.16 Billion in new credit facilities to fulfill its obligations.

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Bankruptcy Filing and Recovery Efforts

Genesis filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January after halting withdrawals. The bankruptcy filing followed whole lot of loans made by Genesis to hedge funds Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and Alameda Research, both of which likewise filed for bankruptcy in 2022. DCG expects to file a settlement with the bankruptcy court soon and intends to starting the distribution of funds to creditors, progressing toward whole lot of recovery for the company’s creditors.

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Hot Take: Genesis Shifts Focus Away from Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading

Genesis’ decision to discontinue cryptocurrency derivatives trading services reflects the company’s ongoing efforts to streamline operations and adapt to changing market conditions. Although while the specific reasons behind this decision have not been disclosed, it is clear that Genesis is realigning its strategic priorities. By growing back certain services and focusing on core areas of expertise, Genesis intends to optimize its business operations and better serve its clients in a rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.

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