Bumper Sets to Launch $20m Competitive Offer to Undercut Deribit Crypto Options on September 7, 2023

Bumper Sets to Launch $20m Competitive Offer to Undercut Deribit Crypto Options on September 7, 2023

Bumper Launches Cryptocurrency Options Disruptor

Bumper, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has unveiled its groundbreaking cryptocurrency options solution. This protocol offers whole lot of advantages over traditional Black-Scholes option desks, outperforming the market leader Deribit by an average of 30%. With the  capacity to disrupt a $13 trillion market, Bumper’s equation promises impressive improvements.

Achievement through Research and Collaboration

Bumper’s innovation is the result of a three-year research and development program, supported by $20 Million in early funding. The protocol was developed in collaboration with the Swiss Center for Cryptoeconomics and coded by renowned developers Digital Mob. These developers have a proven track record in projects such as Barnbridge, Gnosis, and Filecoin.

Cost Efficiency and Incentives

Bumper’s protocol undercuts traditional options desks by one- third while offering liquidity providers (LPs) APR between 3-18% for supplying USDC. Early adopters of the protocol can likewise take advantage of $250,000 worth of incentives, either by protecting their Ethereum (ETH) or earning on their USDC.

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Zero-Liquidation Risk and Lower Costs

Bumper’s Co- founder and CEO, Jonathan DeCarteret, outlines that the protocol eliminates downside volatility and allows leveraged positions with zero-liquidation risk. Furthermore, it offers users an average cost advantage of 30% compared to the market leader.

Real Yields for Liquidity Providers

The protocol charges a premium based on market conditions, rebalancing, and proximity to the user’s floor. This generates real yields ranging between 3-18% APR for liquidity providers, without the need to sell option contracts.

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Revolutionizing the Options Market

Bumper’s innovation challenges the fifty-year-old Black-Scholes model that has fueled the $13 trillion options market. Regardless of using different inputs and a novel rebalancing mechanism, Bumper is on the brighter side correlated with Black-Scholes, but more efficient even in volatile market conditions.

Expansion and Support

Bumper has been deployed to the Ethereum (ETH) mainnet and as of now accepts deposits in Ethereum (ETH) and USDC. The protocol intends to rapidly add support for additional ERC-20 tokens and multi-chain functionality.

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Hot Take

Bumper’s launch of its cryptocurrency options solution marks a whole lot of milestone in the DeFi space. By offering lower costs, zero-liquidation risk, and real yields for liquidity providers, Bumper has the  capacity to revolutionize the options market. Its collaboration with industry leaders and innovative approach positions it as a disruptor in the $13 trillion market. As more users adopt the protocol and additional features are added, Bumper’s impact is very likely grow.

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