Coinbase Introduces New Cryptocurrency Lending Solution to Seize Opportunity Arising from Genesis and BlockFi Insolvencies

Coinbase Introduces New Cryptocurrency Lending Solution to Seize Opportunity Arising from Genesis and BlockFi Insolvencies

Coinbase Launches New Crypto Lending Service for Institutions

Coinbase has introduced a cryptocurrency lending service aimed at institutional clients in the US. The move comes after the bankruptcies of Genesis and BlockFi left a gap in the market. According to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the new service has raised $57 million. While Coinbase has not provided many details about the platform, clients will be able to lend money to the exchange, primarily in the form of cryptocurrency assets, and receive collateral worth more than the loan’s value. This over-collateralization approach is common in crypto lending services. The funds deposited with Coinbase will be used to make secured loans to institutional clients, similar to how banks provide loans in traditional finance.

Coinbase’s Past Attempts and the New Service’s Focus on Institutions

Coinbase had previously attempted to launch a lending program, but it was cancelled in 2021 due to objections from the SEC. The new lending service is different as it targets institutional investors who are more experienced and sophisticated. As a result, the regulations for this service are not as strict. Coinbase aims to update the financial system by leveraging crypto to provide economic freedom and opportunity. The company believes that supporting institutional lending is a step towards achieving this goal. Coinbase’s new service seeks to fill the void left by the bankruptcy of Genesis and BlockFi, catering to institutional investors in the crypto lending space.

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Hot Take: Coinbase Fills the Gap in Crypto Lending for Institutions

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With the bankruptcies of Genesis and BlockFi, there was a void in the market for cryptocurrency lending services catering to institutional investors. Coinbase has now stepped in to fill that gap with its new lending service. By targeting institutional clients, Coinbase is positioning itself to provide lending services to experienced and sophisticated investors who can handle high-risk programs. The over-collateralization approach adopted by Coinbase aims to provide a safeguard for borrowers and protect against potential market volatility. As Coinbase continues to expand its suite of crypto products and services, it aims to bring more people into the world of cryptocurrencies and provide economic freedom and opportunity.

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