Coinbase’s Layer 2 Outperforms Solana in Terms of LTVs: Latest Update on Crypto News

Coinbase’s Layer 2 Outperforms Solana in Terms of LTVs: Latest Update on Crypto News

Coinbase’s Layer 2 Surpasses Solana (SOL) in Total Value Locked

Base, Coinbase’s Layer 2 blockchain network, has achieved a whole lot of milestone by surpassing Solana (SOL) in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL). Over recent months, Base has experienced a surge in transactions and the number of unique addresses, largely due to the growing popularity of the social application FriendTech.

The Rise of Base and FriendTech

Base’s success can be attributed to its performance in TVL, which reflects the total value of assets locked within a blockchain network. According to DeFiLlama’s data, Base now boasts a TVL of $375.04 Million, surpassing Solana’s TVL of $306.33 million.

Base distinguished by supplying quicker transactions and lower gas fees through its Layer 2 solution. This scalability and efficiency have resonated with users and developers, enhancing the user experience within FriendTech.

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The Synergy Between FriendTech and Base

FriendTech’s growing user base has driven the increase in transactions and unique addresses on Base. The demand for Base’s infrastructure has grown alongside the popularity of FriendTech as the preferred social app  in the cryptocurrency community.

This synergy between a thriving social platform and a capable Layer 2 solution demonstrates the  capacity of blockchain technology in revolutionizing social interactions and digital asset management.

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Base’s Probable and Resilience

Base’s capacity to surpass Solana (SOL) in TVL outlines its probability and resilience in the face of tough competition. By focusing on quicker transactions, lower gas fees, and improved user experiences, Base has established itself as a formidable competitor in the blockchain space.

The Future of Blockchain Technology

As the digital currency ecological system evolves, Base’s success story showcases the  capacity of Layer 2 solutions and their role in shaping future of the blockchain technology. Coinbase’s Layer 2 has made remarkable progress and continues  to win confidence from the cryptocurrency community.

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Hot Take: Base’s Success Reflects the Power of Layer 2 Solutions

The recent achievement of Coinbase’s Layer 2, Base, surpassing Solana (SOL) in Total Value Locked outlines the power and probable of Layer 2 solutions in the cryptocurrency world. By providing quicker transactions, lower gas fees, and improved user experiences, Base has evolved a formidable competitor to Solana.

The synergy between Base and FriendTech, a trending social app, has played a critical role in driving Base’s growth. This showcases how blockchain technology can revolutionize social interactions and digital asset management.

As Base continues  to make strides in the blockchain space, it demonstrates that Layer 2 solutions have a whole lot of role to play in shaping future of the blockchain technology.

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