CoinShares: Crypto Adoption and Regulation in the US on Par with Global Trends

CoinShares: Crypto Adoption and Regulation in the US on Par with Global Trends

European Crypto Firm CoinShares Enters the US Market

CoinShares, a European cryptocurrency investment firm, is optimistic about cryptocurrency regulation in the United States as it enters the new market. The company recently announced the launch of its new division, CoinShares Hedge Fund Solutions, which is its first offering for qualified US investors.

US Crypto Firms Expanding Overseas Due to Regulatory Hurdles

CoinShares’ entrance into the US market comes at a time when many US crypto firms are seeking to expand their businesses outside the country due to regulatory challenges at home. For example, Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has been actively pursuing expansion in Europe and the UK amid an ongoing lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

CoinShares Believes in the US as a Global Leader in Digital Assets

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Unlike critics who claim that the US lags behind in crypto adoption and regulation, CoinShares believes that the country is a global leader in terms of digital asset development. The company’s spokesperson stated that US regulators treat digital assets similarly to traditional asset classes, which encourages their fusion. CoinShares also highlighted collaborations between legacy financial players like BlackRock with Circle and Coinbase as evidence of integration in the industry.

Commitment to Europe While Expanding in the US

Despite its optimism about the US regulatory climate, CoinShares remains committed to Europe. The company’s Hedge Fund Solutions division is registered in both the US and the UK. However, they noted that there is a more apparent merging of traditional finance and crypto in the US compared to Europe.

Future Plans and Regulation Compliance

As one of the largest crypto investment firms globally, CoinShares is known for its crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs). While the company has not disclosed its plans to join the spot Bitcoin ETF race in the US, it remains compliant with strict regulations regarding forward-looking information disclosure. CoinShares is registered with the SEC as an exempt reporting adviser.

Hot Take: CoinShares Optimistic about US Crypto Regulation

CoinShares, a European cryptocurrency investment firm, is positive about the regulatory environment for crypto in the United States. Despite concerns raised by others, CoinShares believes that the US is a global leader in digital asset development. The company sees the US regulators’ approach to treating digital assets like traditional asset classes as encouraging and facilitating the integration of the two industries. CoinShares is expanding its presence in the US market while remaining committed to Europe. As one of the largest crypto investment firms, CoinShares aims to navigate regulatory compliance while offering innovative products to qualified US investors.

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