Confirmed Hacker Identity at Poloniex Prompts $10M Bounty Offer

Confirmed Hacker Identity at Poloniex Prompts $10M Bounty Offer

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Offers Hacker $10 Million Bounty for Stolen Assets

Poloniex, a crypto exchange, has made an attempt to reach out to the hacker responsible for stealing more than $100 million in digital assets from one of its wallets. The exchange claims to have identified the hacker and is now giving the perpetrator a chance to return the assets in exchange for a $10 million bounty. This message was shared by blockchain security firm PeckShield on social media, confirming that Poloniex has indeed identified the hacker. The exchange also mentioned that the stolen funds are already marked and cannot be used, and that it is working with law enforcement agencies from the United States, Russia, and China.

Unconvinced Community Members

Despite the exchange’s claim of identifying the hacker, some community members remain unconvinced about this development. They point out that the involvement of law enforcement from multiple countries and the message being sent in 15 languages suggests that the hacker’s identity may not be as clear as Poloniex claims.

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Hack and Response

The hack took place earlier in November when a crypto wallet belonging to Poloniex experienced suspicious outflows. In response, the exchange disabled the wallet for maintenance and offered a 5% bounty for the return of the funds. Later, the exchange resumed withdrawals after enhancing its security with the help of a security auditing firm.

Hot Take

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Poloniex’s offer of a $10 million reward to the hacker is a bold move in the ongoing battle against crypto theft. It remains to be seen whether the perpetrator will take up the offer or face the consequences of law enforcement action. The response from the crypto community will likely shape how future incidents of theft and hacks are addressed by exchanges and authorities.

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