Consensys zkEVM Linea Head Announces Ethereums Proto-Danksharding for 10x Cheaper Rollups

Consensys zkEVM Linea Head Announces Ethereums Proto-Danksharding for 10x Cheaper Rollups

Proto-danksharding Expected to Reduce Cost of Rollups on Ethereum

According to Nicolas Liochon, the head of Consensys’ zkEVM Linea, proto-danksharding is poised to significantly decrease the cost of rollups on the Ethereum network. Rollups are off-chain solutions that batch transactions and data before submitting computational proof to the Ethereum blockchain. Proto-danksharding, also known as EIP-4844, aims to reduce these costs.

The Ethereum Foundation has not yet announced a specific launch date for proto-danksharding, but the project is currently in development and testing phases. Linea, developed by Consensys, already offers 15 times cheaper transactions compared to Ethereum’s layer 1. However, rollups are still limited because transactions are posted in call data in Ethereum blocks.

EIP-4844 plans to introduce data blocks that can be sent and attached to blocks, providing a more efficient and cost-effective storage solution. By reducing the reliance on call data processing and on-chain storage, the cost of rollups is expected to decrease significantly.

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Proto-danksharding could be a game-changer for the Ethereum ecosystem, making ZK-rollups the preferred scaling solution. With reduced transaction costs and improved scalability, Ethereum could see increased adoption across various sectors, including DeFi, gaming, and social applications.

Consensys zkEVM Linea Head Announces Ethereums Proto-Danksharding for 10x Cheaper Rollups
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