Croatia Introduces Investment Platform for Pig NFTs

Croatia Introduces Investment Platform for Pig NFTs

Introducing GoAgro: Your Path to the Future of Swine Farming

Discover GoAgro, a groundbreaking platform created by Croatian companies Agroporc, Beyondi, and Block Be. With GoAgro, you have the opportunity to engage in the exciting world of swine farming through the acquisition of Pig NFTs.

Join the Future of Food Production with My Digital Pig

At a recent press event, Agroporc, Beyondi, and Block Be unveiled GoAgro, a website that allows citizens like you to participate in the future of food production in Croatia. The centerpiece of this platform is “My Digital Pig,” a flagship project that offers a unique digital farming experience.

NFTs: Beyond Traditional Farming

In recent times, NFTs have captivated the attention of various prominent entities, including Coca-Cola, Lufthansa Group, and the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Now, with GoAgro, you can become a part of this innovative trend by creating and owning your very own digital pigs.

Agriculture in the Digital Era: The Benefits of Pig NFTs

By acquiring Pig NFTs on GoAgro, you can enter the agricultural scene without the need for traditional farm attire or physical farming activities. These virtual livestock offer crypto enthusiasts and aspiring farmers a unique opportunity to engage in agriculture on a digital platform.

Investing in the Future: Pig NFTs with Potentials

With a minimum investment of 250 euros, each Pig NFT ensures a return of 100 kilograms of pork. Over a span of 900 days, your digital pig will “mature” at an annual growth rate of 3%. This allows you to participate in the agriculture industry and potentially reap the benefits of your investment.

Long-Term Investment Opportunities and Trading

On GoAgro, you have the flexibility to exchange or retain your Pig NFTs as long-term investments. Furthermore, you can also engage in trading these digital assets, expanding your portfolio and exploring new possibilities in the crypto market.

Funding Innovative Agricultural Initiatives

GoAgro, led by Krešimir Kuterovac, the director of Agroporc, aims to fund diverse agricultural initiatives through the issuance of NFTs. The proceeds from these sales will be directed towards the development of innovative agricultural products, fostering growth and sustainability in the industry.

Revitalizing Croatia’s Pig Production

Croatia’s pig production has faced significant challenges in recent years, resulting in a decrease in self-sufficiency levels. The GoAgro project aims to counteract this trend by distributing 240,000 Pig NFTs across five phases. By supporting this initiative, you contribute to the revitalization of Croatia’s pig farming industry.

Real-Time Monitoring for Transparent Investments

To ensure transparency and provide peace of mind, each participating farm in the GoAgro project is equipped with web cameras. This allows you to monitor your investments in real-time and stay connected with the progress of your digital pigs on a 24/7 basis.

Hot Take: Join the Digital Agriculture Revolution with Pig NFTs

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GoAgro’s innovative platform offers you the opportunity to be part of the future of swine farming. By acquiring Pig NFTs, you can explore a new dimension of agricultural investment while contributing to the development of Croatia’s agricultural sector. Embrace this digital revolution and connect with the future of food production today.

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