Crypto Influencer Claims XRP Faces a Coordinated Attack, Latest Ripple News

Crypto Influencer Claims XRP Faces a Coordinated Attack, Latest Ripple News

Is XRP Under Attack?

Ripple’s native token, XRP, is facing a relentless series of attacks despite a recent favorable ruling in its ongoing lawsuit with the SEC. According to Ashley PROSPER, there are indicators suggesting that XRP is the subject of a well-orchestrated assault.

Coordinated Negligence by Media?

Ashley PROSPER claims that media agencies are deliberately ignoring the XRP community. Despite consistently making headlines in crypto-focused publications, mainstream media coverage of XRP is lacking. This lack of coverage raises suspicions about intentional negligence.

The SEC Lawsuit

Ashley’s third point focuses on the ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple. He suggests that financial giants like JP Morgan are involved in high-level discussions with the SEC, amplifying concerns about XRP’s future. The lawsuit has already caused billions in investor losses, highlighting its economic impact.

Labeling the XRP Army: A Final Straw?

Ashley cites the characterization of the XRP Army as “aggressive” by the SEC and as “conspiracy theorists” by others as his sixth indicator. Such labels can have lasting reputational effects, especially when they come from regulatory bodies and widely read critiques.

Other Indicators of Attack

In addition to the points mentioned above, Ashley highlights an influx of bot accounts on XRP social platforms promoting fake giveaways and scams. This further sows discord and mistrust within the community, adding to the overall sense of attack against XRP.

Ripple’s Resilience

Ripple’s President, Monica Long, expressed a resilient stance in a recent CNBC interview, stating that the company is willing to fight the SEC all the way. Despite the challenges and controversies, XRP remains a strong contender in the crypto arena, with technological advantages, real-world applications, and a robust community of supporters.

Hot Take: XRP’s Battle for Survival

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Despite securing a recent favorable ruling in its lawsuit with the SEC, XRP continues to face a series of attacks that suggest a coordinated assault on the token. Media negligence, synchronized fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), discussions with financial giants like JP Morgan, and social media hacks are all indicators of this alleged attack. The labeling of the XRP Army and the influx of bot accounts promoting scams further add to the sense of assault. However, Ripple remains resilient and determined to fight the SEC. XRP’s technological advantages and strong community support position it as a promising currency in the crypto arena.

Crypto Influencer Claims XRP Faces a Coordinated Attack, Latest Ripple News
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