Crypto Spot Trading Reaches Lowest Levels Since March 2019, According to CCDatas August 2023 Review

Crypto Spot Trading Reaches Lowest Levels Since March 2019, According to CCDatas August 2023 Review

CCData Unveils the August 2023 Exchange Review Report

Discover the highly-anticipated August 2023 edition of CCData’s Exchange Review report, a comprehensive resource that provides valuable insights into the digital currency exchange market. Whether you’re an institutional investor or a retail investor, this report serves as a guiding light, highlighting critical developments within the industry.

Decrease in Trading Volumes on Centralized Exchanges

According to CCData’s August 2023 Exchange Review, the combined volume of trading for spot and derivatives on centralized exchanges experienced an 11.5% decrease, reaching $2.09 trillion. This decline can be attributed to price movements that triggered the largest long liquidation event since the FTX collapse. It’s worth keeping in mind that this is the second-lowest volume recorded on centralized exchanges since October 2020.

Fall in Spot Trading Volume on Centralized Exchanges

In August, spot volume of trading on centralized exchanges decreased for the Second consecutive 30 days, sliding by 7.78% to $475 billion. This represents the lowest monthly spot volume of trading since March 2019.

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Lowest Daily Trading Volumes Since February 2019

On August 26th, the daily trading volumes on centralized exchanges hit a low point of $5.90 billion, the lowest since February 7th, 2019. These reduced spot trading volumes followed Grayscale’s legal victory over the SEC, which did not lead to whole lot of accumulation of cryptocurrency assets. The present trading volumes on centralized exchanges are comparable to the activity seen in the bear market of 2019.

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Huobi’s Growing Spot Trading Volume

Regardless of the general market trend, Huobi experienced a whole lot of increase in spot volume of trading in August, growing by 46.5% to $28.9 billion. This marks the Second consecutive monthly increase for the exchange, making it the second- largest exchange after Binance with a market share of 6.09%. Nonetheless, concerns have been raised about unusual outflows of USDT and WETH from Huobi, attributed to the growing popularity of Tron’s RWA product, stUSDT.

Decline in Binance’s Market Share

Binance, the largest venue for spot trading in cryptocurrency, recorded $183 Billion in volumes. Nonetheless, its market share declined for the Sixth consecutive 30 days, reaching 38.5% in August, the lowest since August 2022.

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Whole lot of Fall in Open Interest on Derivatives Exchanges

On August 17th, open interest on derivatives exchanges experienced a notable decline of 19.5%, totaling $17.1 billion. This resulted in a wipeout of $4.13 Billion in open interest on selected exchanges, marking the largest fall recorded throughout the year. The decline followed reports of SpaceX selling its Bitcoin holdings. Additionally, derivatives volume of trading on centralized exchanges decreased by 12.3% to $1.62 trillion, the second-lowest figure since December 2020.

Speculation-Driven Market

With low spot volume of trading and fluctuations in open interest data, it is evident that the present digital currency market is driven by speculation.

Hot Take: The Cryptocurrency Market Faces Volatility and Changing Dynamics

The August 2023 Exchange Review report outlines the recent decrease in trading volumes, declines in market share, and fluctuations in open interest, revealing a volatile and ever-changing landscape for the digital currency market. Investors and traders must stay notified and adapt to these dynamics to navigate the market successfully.

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