Crypto Wallet MetaMask Temporarily Removed from Apple’s App Store; Coinbase CEO Suggests Antitrust Measures

Crypto Wallet MetaMask Temporarily Removed from Apple's App Store; Coinbase CEO Suggests Antitrust Measures

Apple Removes MetaMask from App Store, Prompting Coinbase CEO to Suggest Antitrust Action

Apple has temporarily removed the popular crypto wallet MetaMask from its App Store, leading Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong to suggest filing an antitrust action against the tech giant. Although MetaMask confirmed that Apple users were unable to download its app, it clarified that the issue was not due to any malicious activity. The company also warned users about the possibility of scammers promoting fake MetaMask apps. Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko commented on the situation, emphasizing the need for an alternative app store to Google Play and Apple’s App Store. In response, Armstrong suggested that antitrust laws could address the problem of unjustified control in the market.

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Hot Take: Seeking Alternatives in a Competitive Market

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The temporary removal of MetaMask from Apple’s App Store highlights the challenges faced by crypto wallets and decentralized apps (dApps) in accessing mainstream platforms. As more users embrace cryptocurrencies and dApps, it becomes crucial to have alternative avenues for distribution. While competition is fierce in the tech industry, it may require regulatory intervention, such as antitrust action, to ensure a level playing field and prevent dominant players from exerting undue control. This incident underscores the growing need for innovative solutions and platforms that foster fair competition and provide wider access to crypto-related services.

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