Display of Moonbirds NFTs in Lunaprise Art Museum in Space: Proof Collaborates with Space Blue

Display of Moonbirds NFTs in Lunaprise Art Museum in Space: Proof Collaborates with Space Blue

Proof Collective Partners with Space Blue to Send Moonbirds NFTs to the Moon

Proof Collective, the digital asset incubation studio known for its popular Moonbirds non-fungible token (NFT) collection, has joined forces with Space Blue to exhibit 254 unique Moonbirds NFTs in the Lunarprise Art Museum on the moon. This groundbreaking journey is scheduled for November 15.

Moonbirds NFTs Head To The Moon

In an announcement on September 19, Proof Collective confirmed its partnership with Space Blue to showcase Moonbirds NFTs in the Lunarprise Art Museum. Specifically, 254 Astro Moonbirds featuring the “Space Helmet” trait will be featured in this space museum. This historic event is set to take place on November 15.

Proof Collective, established in 2021, is a Web3-based community that focuses on the intersection of art, technology, and innovation. The digital asset firm aims to provide unique experiences for art collectors to connect with artists and own and support their artwork. Moonbirds, their renowned NFT collection, offers limited edition owl bird-themed NFTs that grant holders access to exclusive experiences.

Lunaprise Space Art Museum Overview

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The Lunaprise Museum project is a space mission dedicated to preserving humanity’s history, culture, and artwork on the lunar surface. This project plans to exhibit a wide range of artistic domains, including fine art masters, priceless collectibles, digital art, music, film, and artifacts of art history.

The Lunaprise Art Museum will feature physically engraved twin duplicates from Earth on the moon’s surface. These duplicates will be made of an indestructible nickel disk using advanced file compression and etching technology. This ensures that humanity’s artistic achievements are safeguarded for future generations.

The Astro Moonbirds NFTs with the Space Helmet trait will be engraved onto these indestructible nickel plates stored on Lunaprise disks. As part of NASA mission IM-1 Lunar Lander, these disks will be launched into space on November 15 via a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket. To celebrate this historic event, Proof Collective will organize a VIP black-tie event at the Kennedy Space Center where Moonbird holders with the “Space Helmet” trait can join in the festivities.

Hot Take: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Space

Proof Collective’s partnership with Space Blue to send Moonbirds NFTs to the moon marks an exciting milestone in the world of crypto and art. By exhibiting these unique NFTs in the Lunarprise Art Museum, Proof Collective and Space Blue are bridging the gap between art and space exploration.

This collaboration not only showcases the creative potential of NFTs but also highlights the importance of preserving humanity’s artistic achievements beyond Earth. The Lunaprise Museum project demonstrates how technology can be used to immortalize our cultural heritage on the lunar surface for future generations to appreciate.

As we look ahead to November 15, when these Astro Moonbirds NFTs will embark on their historic journey, it’s a reminder of the boundless possibilities that arise when art and technology converge. The Moonbirds NFTs will forever hold a special place in the annals of both crypto and space exploration.

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