Distribution of $NEXT Tokens Results in One Million On-Chain Users Receiving Rewards

Distribution of $NEXT Tokens Results in One Million On-Chain Users Receiving Rewards

The Successful Connext Token Distribution Event

The recent token distribution event for Connext, hosted by Tokensoft, has been deemed a success. This event saw the distribution of the $NEXT token to nearly one Million Web 3.0 users, setting a new record for on-chain distribution. The organizers of the event see this as a promising step towards establishing a thriving cross-chain ecosystem.

Challenges and Successes of the Token Allocation

Distributing tokens to a large number of users simultaneously can be complex and challenging. Previous attempts, like the Arbitrum airdrop, have faced issues such as network congestion and high gas prices. Nonetheless, the $NEXT token distribution went smoothly without any major incidents. Users were able to claim their tokens within days of availability.

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About Connext Network

Connext Network is a cross-chain messaging protocol or “bridge” that facilitates efficient asset transfers between blockchain networks. Handling the token distribution presented a whole lot of challenge for the Connext team, but they managed it successfully.

Scope and Success of the Distribution

According to statistics released by Connext and Tokensoft, more than 900,000 registered users started claiming their tokens on August 17, with registrations peaking at 28,000 users per hour. Demand continued until September 5, with over 40% of eligible users claiming their $NEXT tokens within days of states going live.

Choosing Preferred Chains

What made this token distribution event unique was that users could select their preferred chain to claim their tokens on. Options included Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and Gnosis. The bulk of eligible users chose to claim on Arbitrum.

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A Successful Launch with Tokensoft

Tokensoft, with its experience in token launches, played a critical role in the successful distribution of the $NEXT tokens. This launch was more ambitious due to the cross-chain nature of Connext. Tokensoft utilized the xERC20 token standard developed by Connext founders Layne Haber and Arjun Bhuptani, allowing native xERC20 tokens to be created on each chain without relying on bridge-managed tokens.

The Future of $NEXT

With the successful launch completed, the next phase for $NEXT can now begin. This event has demonstrated that cross-chain distribution can be achieved effectively, opening doors for more projects to explore similar solutions for launching their native assets.

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Hot Take: A Milestone for Cross-Chain Distribution

The Connext token distribution event, organized by Tokensoft, marks a whole lot of milestone in cross-chain distribution. With nearly one Million users receiving the $NEXT token, this event sets a new record for on-chain distribution. The success of this event demonstrates that complex token allocations can be handled efficiently and paves the way for future projects to adopt similar strategies. This achievement outlines the capabilities of Connext Network as a cross-chain messaging protocol and showcases Tokensoft’s expertise in facilitating token launches. The use of the xERC20 token standard further enhances the scalability and interoperability of native assets across different blockchain networks.

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