Elevating Web3 Phones: METAVERTU 2 Sets New Standards, Courtesy of VERTU

Elevating Web3 Phones: METAVERTU 2 Sets New Standards, Courtesy of VERTU

Singapore, September 13, 2023 – Pantera Partner Emphasizes Mobile Accessibility in Cryptocurrency Adoption

During the TOKEN 2049 event, Pantera partner Paul Veradittakit highlighted the importance of mobile accessibility in driving worldwide adoption of digital currency products. In the meantime, high-end hardware manufacturer VERTU unveiled its next-generation WEB3 phone, METAVERTU 2, at the same event. The phone is set to be officially released in October in the year. VERTU intends to make blockchain and Web 3.0 technology accessible to all users with their new device.

What is a Web 3.0 Phone, and Why VERTU Excels in Crafting Them?

A Web 3.0 phone, such as the METAVERTU 2 showcased at TOKEN 2049, is a mobile device designed to seamlessly integrate users into decentralized networks and blockchain technology. VERTU, known for its expertise in crafting high-end hardware, has made it their mission to bring blockchain and Web 3.0 to a wider audience. The METAVERTU 2 represents their latest accomplishment in this endeavor.

One Device, Dual Systems: Transitioning from Web2 to Web 3.0 with Ease

The METAVERTU 2 distinguished with its decentralized operating system (DOS), allowing users to effortlessly switch between Web2 and Web 3.0 environments with a single tap. At TOKEN 2049, VERTU demonstrated this dual system switching capability at their booth. In METASPACE, all Web 3.0 applications are managed separately for enhanced security and privacy. The device likewise incorporates the I-DID protocol, ensuring quality control for high-net worth users from VERTU.

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The Power of Hardware ZK (Zero-Knowledge Proof)

A major feature of the METAVERTU 2 is its Hardware ZK, a groundbreaking integration of blockchain technology. This innovation simplifies blockchain verification to the extent of a fingerprint scan. By utilizing smartphones as edge computing nodes and Secure Elements (SE) as computing units, the device enables Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) verification. This approach strikes a balance between decentralization and transaction processing speed.

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Build Your Second Brain on Your Phone

VERTU envisions the METAVERTU 2 as a personal agent, offering a Decentralized A.I. Agent (DAA) module for each user. Powered by decentralized blockchain storage, the DAA provides tailored and memory-sharing features, enhancing user services and creating emotional resonance. The device likewise integrates IQ+EQ agents for task assistance and emotional companionship.

The Future of Web 3.0 Phones

As the blockchain world approaches its “mobile moment,” VERTU remains committed to advancing Web 3.0 on mobile platforms. The METAVERTU 2 represents their dedication to merging high-end hardware with Web 3.0 technology. It is poised to revolutionize the Web 3.0 landscape by making blockchain accessible and secure for a worldwide audience. VERTU continues  to prioritize innovation as the journey towards Web 3.0 unfolds.

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We are happy to announce that the official launch of METAVERTU 2 is gonna come in October. Pre-orders are available online now, and participants have the opportunity to gain  Bitcoin.

Hot Take: VERTU’s METAVERTU 2 Leading the Way in Mobile Blockchain Integration

With its innovative features and commitment to accessibility, VERTU’s METAVERTU 2 sets a new standard for Web 3.0 phones. By seamlessly transitioning between Web2 and Web 3.0 environments, incorporating Hardware ZK for simplified blockchain verification, and introducing personalized A.I. agents, VERTU is pushing the boundaries of what a mobile device can offer in the blockchain era. The METAVERTU 2 represents a whole lot of step towards making blockchain technology more accessible and secure for users worldwide.

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