Ethereum Insider Announces Release Date for Evidence of ETH Founders’ Fraud

Ethereum Insider Announces Release Date for Evidence of ETH Founders’ Fraud

Evidence of Ethereum (ETH) Founders’ Fraud to be Revealed in Lawsuit

Amid the ongoing Ethereum (ETH) scandal, former Ethereum (ETH) advisor and attorney Steven Nerayoff has recently announced his intends to share proof of early Ethereum (ETH) founders’ fraudulent activities.

Following a Twitter post by a user questioning the authenticity of Nerayoff’s states, the cryptocurrency enthusiast mentioned the lack of evidence to facilitate his accusations.

Nonetheless, in response, Nerayoff made it clear that he never claimed his accusations were going to be in the disclosure and emphasized that he is going to reveal the fraudulent acts of the founders in his lawsuit.

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He likewise stated that his recorded conversation was not linked to his accusations, but rather his involvement with Vitalik Buterin, for which he stated, “The fraud will be in the lawsuit.”

In addition, the cryptocurrency expert pointed out Nerayoff’s accusations towards federal agencies, suggesting that he was being paranoid.

Nerayoff accused high federal agencies of fabricating evidence against him to be able to take him out, including the SEC, FBI, and the DOJ. This paints a troubling image of a vast Government conspiracy against him.

The Authenticity of Ethereum (ETH) Decentralization

The cryptocurrency enthusiast likewise highlighted Nerayoff’s states of Ethereum (ETH) not being decentralized from the beginning, expressing skepticism about it. According to her, the core team members typically have knowledge of a digital currency asset, as demonstrated by Hinman’s 2017 speech about Ethereum (ETH) being decentralized from the start regardless of being considered a security by the SEC.

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Up to now, neither of the founders has responded to Nerayoff’s accusations, prompting him to believe that their silence is due to the evidence he has against them.

He mentioned that Vitalik and Lubin’s silence is due to the leverage he has against them. He plans on sharing more detailed information that will further substantiate his claims.

Hot Take

Former Ethereum (ETH) advisor and attorney, Steven Nerayoff has vowed to reveal alleged proof of early Ethereum (ETH) founders’ fraudulent activities in a lawsuit. Regardless of skepticism and denial from critics, Nerayoff remains resolute in his states, calling out the lack of evidence to facilitate his accusations. He has likewise accused high federal agencies of conspiring against him. This ongoing investigation poses whole lot of questions about the early days of Ethereum (ETH) and its founder’s actions, leaving both the cryptocurrency community and federal agencies tangled in uncertainty.

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