Ethereum’s Liquid Staking Platforms Witness a $1 Billion Surge in 20 Days, Approaching the Milestone of 12 Million ETH

Ethereum's Liquid Staking Platforms Witness a $1 Billion Surge in 20 Days, Approaching the Milestone of 12 Million ETH

Ethereum (ETH) Staking Platforms See Surge in Deposits

Ethereum-based liquid staking protocols are witnessing whole lot of growth as they attract more deposits. In the previous 20 days, these platforms have added around 640,000 Ethereum (ETH), equivalent to approximately $1.04 billion. Between the 23 different decentralized finance (defi) protocols for liquid staking, the top five have reported gains over a 30-day period. Lido, for example, experienced a 6.32% increase in that timeframe and as of now holds 8.65 Million Ethereum (ETH) worth $13.97 billion.

Lido’s market share has slightly decreased from 73.98% to 72.26% due to other platforms attracting more deposits. Coinbase’s liquid staking protocol has seen a 5.57% increase and manages 1.27 Million Ethereum (ETH), accounting for 10.65% of the market share. Rocket Pool comes after closely with a growth of 5.91%, holding 935,568 ETH.

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Binance’s liquid staking derivatives platform recorded the most substantial gain with an impressive 377% jump in the the previous  30 days, now holding 445,316 ether or 3.72% of the total market share. Frax saw a 3.73% increase and as of now has 259,733 locked ether.

Eigenlayer Shows Remarkable Growth

In Sixth place is Eigenlayer, which experienced a remarkable rise of 554% in just one 30 days. With holdings totaling 98,156 ether, Eigenlayer represents only 0.82% of the market share but amounts to $158.65 Million based on the present Ethereum (ETH) exchange rate. If this trend continues, it is plausible that the platforms could surpass the milestone of holding 12 Million Ethereum (ETH) by September 2023.

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Hot Take: Ethereum (ETH) Staking Platforms Gain Momentum

Ethereum (ETH) staking platforms are witnessing a surge in deposits, with plenty of protocols experiencing whole lot of growth in a 30-day period. Lido, Coinbase, Rocket Pool, Binance, and Frax are leading the pack with substantial increases in the amount of Ethereum (ETH) they hold. This trend indicates growing interest in liquid staking as users seek to earn bonus on their Ethereum (ETH) holdings. As these platforms continue to attract more deposits, it is plausible that they could surpass the milestone of holding 12 Million Ethereum (ETH) in the near future. The Ethereum (ETH) staking ecological system is evolving rapidly, offering opportunities for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to engage in staking and earn passive income.

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