EY Introduces EY.ai, an AI Platform, Following a $1.4 Billion Investment

EY Introduces EY.ai, an AI Platform, Following a $1.4 Billion Investment

The Launch of EY.ai: Enabling Responsible Integration of AI into Businesses

The global EY organization has recently unveiled EY.ai, a comprehensive platform that aims to facilitate the seamless and responsible integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into businesses. Developed over 18 months and with a significant investment of US$1.4 billion, EY.ai merges human expertise with AI capabilities to assist organizations across various sectors.

Key Highlights

EY’s objective with EY.ai is to leverage its extensive business experience and help organizations harness the transformative power of AI in areas such as strategy, transactions, risk, assurance, and tax. The company’s investment has been instrumental in integrating AI into proprietary EY technologies and acquiring cloud and automation technologies.

EY.ai EYQ and AI Ecosystem

EY plans to launch EY.ai EYQ, a secure large language model, following a pilot involving 4,200 technology-focused team members. Additionally, tailored AI learning and development programs will be introduced for the workforce. EY.ai is building an AI ecosystem that includes partnerships with industry leaders such as Dell Technologies, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, ServiceNow, Thomson Reuters, and UiPath.

AI Solutions and Services

EY.ai will provide several AI-powered tools and services including the EY.ai Confidence Index, the EY.ai Maturity Model, and the EY.ai Value Accelerator. Generative AI will also be integrated into EY Fabric, which supports 80% of EY’s $50 billion business.

Collaboration and Future Endeavors

EY emphasizes the collaborative nature of EY.ai by merging capabilities from its ecosystem collaborators with AI-enhanced teams to deliver excellent client service. The company is also exploring potential joint-research opportunities with the University of Southern California’s School of Advanced Computing. EY.ai’s launch will be accompanied by a marketing campaign called ‘The Face of the Future’ in October.

About EY

EY, part of the global Ernst & Young organization, offers services across assurance, consulting, law, strategy, tax, and transactions. With teams in over 150 countries, EY prioritizes trust in capital markets and innovation through its diverse teams.

Hot Take: AI Integration Made Easy with EY.ai

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EY’s launch of EY.ai marks a significant step towards enabling businesses to confidently integrate AI into their operations. With its comprehensive platform and strategic partnerships, EY.ai provides organizations with the tools and expertise needed to harness the power of AI responsibly. By merging human expertise with AI capabilities, EY.ai empowers businesses across various sectors to unlock new possibilities and drive transformation. With its investment in AI technologies and commitment to collaboration, EY sets itself apart as a leader in the AI space. As businesses strive to navigate the evolving digital landscape, EY.ai stands ready to support them on their AI journey.

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