FASB Approves Highly Anticipated Fair Value Accounting for Cryptocurrencies

FASB Approves Highly Anticipated Fair Value Accounting for Cryptocurrencies

Revamp in Cryptocurrency Asset Valuation on Balance Sheets

The United States Financial Accounting Services Board (FASB) has unanimously approved a whole lot of change in the way cryptocurrency asset values are recorded on publicly traded companies’ balance sheets. This change is expected to increase the attractiveness of cryptocurrency assets for big investors by exposing them to the  capacity upside of their holdings.

Impact of FASB’s Change on Crypto

During a meeting held by the Board, comments on the proposed change were evaluated. Under the present regulations, cryptocurrency assets are treated as intangible assets, with their values recorded at the historical prices paid for them. Nonetheless, the new rule would require corporations to mark their cryptocurrency assets at fair value in their accounting statements.

The present model is more suitable for assets like trademarks and copyrights, but less rational for digital currencies like Bitcoin, which are highly liquid and regularly traded. The change intends to provide investors and other financial resources allocators with more decision-useful information.

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MicroStrategy’s Perspective

This change is particularly whole lot of for MicroStrategy, one of the largest corporate holders of Bitcoin. The company has suffered substantial impairment losses on its Bitcoin (BTC) holdings under the present regulations. The CEO of MicroStrategy believes that fair value cryptocurrency accounting eliminates a major barrier to corporate adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as a treasury reserve asset.

Exclusions from the Rule Change

It’s critical to note that not all digital assets are covered by the new regulations. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), stablecoins (such as USDT and USDC), and other value-pegged cryptocurrencies will still be subject to intangible asset accounting.

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Hot Take

FASB’s unanimous vote to change the valuation of cryptocurrency assets on balance sheets is a whole lot of step towards providing more transparency and decision-useful information to investors. This change is expected to make cryptocurrency assets more appealing for big investors and promote   corporate adoption of digital currencies like Bitcoin. Nonetheless, it’s essential to consider the exclusions from the rule change, as some digital assets will still be subject to the present intangible asset accounting. Overall, this change marks a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry’s understanding and integration into traditional financial systems.

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