Genesis files lawsuit against parent company for unpaid loans totaling $620 million.

Genesis files lawsuit against parent company for unpaid loans totaling $620 million.

Genesis Worldwide Financial resources Demands Repayment of Overdue Loans from DCG and DCIG

Genesis Worldwide Financial resources (Genesis), a leading digital currency lender, has taken legal action against its parent company, Digital currency Group (DCG), and DCG International Investments (DCIG), seeking the repayment of overdue loans amounting to over $620 million.

The Complaint Against DCGI

In its complaint lodged in the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court, Genesis states that it extended a loan of 18,697.7 Bitcoin (BTC) to DCGI, a subsidiary of DCG, in June 2022. At the beginning, this loan was under an open loan agreement dating back to 2019 but was later converted into a fixed-term loan due in May 2023.

Regardless of partial repayment, an outstanding balance of 4,550.5 Bitcoin remains. Genesis declined DCGI’s request to transform the debt into an open loan, and now seeks the repayment of the outstanding balance, along with interest and late fees. The present outstanding balance in the DCGI case is approximately $116,875,000.

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The DCG Loans and Mediation

Genesis provided DCG with four loans totaling $500 Million in 2022, all maturing in May 2023. DCG asserted its right to transform these loans into open loans, but Genesis contested this. Mediation has taken place between the parties, with negotiations ongoing.

DCG’s Response and Proposed Agreement with Unsecured Creditors

DCG responded to the lawsuits, stating that a deal in principle had been reached with Genesis and other parties involved. They are as of now documenting a forbearance agreement and anticipate filing it with the court soon. DCG likewise reached an agreement in principle with Genesis’s unsecured creditors, proposing to return 70-90% of the owed amount. Nonetheless, unanimous support for this agreement has not been achieved.

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Resolution with FTX and the Continuing Struggles

Separately, Genesis Worldwide has reached a preliminary agreement with FTX to resolve a longstanding dispute between the two corporations. In this agreement, both parties hope to settle their mutual states. These lawsuits against DCG and DCIG represent another chapter in the complex financial struggles of Genesis Worldwide as it strives to recover its debts and navigate bankruptcy.

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Hot Take

The legal battles faced by Genesis Worldwide Financial resources highlight the challenges in the digital currency lending industry. It serves as a reminder for cryptocurrency investors to carefully consider the  dangers involved in borrowing and lending within the cryptocurrency space. Transparency, clear agreements, and thorough due diligence are critical to avoid such disputes and financial setbacks.

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