Glassnode Co-Founders Warn Traders to Prepare for a Definitive Shift as Bitcoin Enters a Strategic Accumulation Phase

Glassnode Co-Founders Warn Traders to Prepare for a Definitive Shift as Bitcoin Enters a Strategic Accumulation Phase

Bitcoin (BTC) Reaches a Critical Point: Glassnode Co-Founders Analyze the Market

According to Glassnode co-founders, Jan Happel and Yann Allemann, Bitcoin (BTC) is as of now at a critical turning point. They believe that the digital currency is as of now in an accumulation phase, with a whole lot of move on the horizon.

Navigating the Directionless: Bitcoin Forms a Probable Launchpad

Bitcoin’s price has found stability at $25,824, indicating a probable launchpad for future movements. Multiple rejections at the $25,000 level suggest that smart investors are accumulating Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, neither the bulls nor bears have shown dominance, indicating a battle for control. The reason for this may be a loss of positive trend momentum.

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Prepare yourself for an imminent and decisive move in the market.

Short-Term Outlook: Uncertainty and Probable for Bullish or Bearish Trends

Jan Happel and Yann Allemann have outlined two levels that may determine Bitcoin’s future path. In the short term, the market is uncertain, with a range of $25,800 to $26,800. A bearish trend could lead to a downside range of $23,800 to $24,800.

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Nonetheless, there are indications of bottoming, such as a positive trend divergence in the RSI indicator and decreasing volatility. Consider buying after a dip or if Bitcoin (BTC) holds strong at $26,800 to break the downward trend.

Caution Advised for Altcoin Market

The Glassnode co-founders urge caution in the case of altcoins. Small and mid-cap altcoins are showing slight negative momentum and selling pressure. The larger digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are likewise in uncertain territory, as a flat market does not guarantee a strong upward movement.

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If you’re considering entering the altcoin market, wait for Bitcoin’s upward momentum and stability before confirming a trend reversal.

Hot Take: Stay Notified and Exercise Caution

As Bitcoin (BTC) undergoes an accumulation phase, it’s critical to stay notified about market trends and probable moves. Keep an eye on Bitcoin’s price action and follow reputable sources on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Exercise caution when considering altcoins and make notified decisions based on market indicators.

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