GMX Poised for 30% Growth: Analysts Predict GMXs Promising Advancement

GMX Poised for 30% Growth: Analysts Predict GMXs Promising Advancement

GMX Token Sees Recovery, Heading Towards Previous High

The native token of the Arbitrum-based DEX for trading perpetual cryptocurrency assets, GMX, has been experiencing a recovery wave. According to CoinGecko data, the price has been trending upward in the past few days, aiming to reach its previous high.

Looking at the TradingView chart, GMX/USD is recovering from a previous bearish trend that took it to its all-time low of $25.89 on August 17. Nonetheless, the coin still shows a bearish sentiment, with a 7% fall in the last 7 days and a 33% fall in the 30-day trading period.

With its current momentum, there is a whole lot of likelihood that the price could  accomplish or even surpass the formidable resistance zone.

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GMX Technical Overview: Positive Indicators on the Chart

The chart analysis shows that GMXUSD is as of now over the lower band of the Bollinger Bands indicator, indicating that the coin is undervalued. This presents a probable buying opportunity for investors.

Additionally, the asset’s Moving Average Intersection Divergence (MACD) is over the signal line, with green histogram bars indicating positive momentum. This further suggests a buying opportunity for traders.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) likewise indicates that the coin could be oversold, which could trigger an upward price movement in the near future. Nonetheless, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and consider other factors before making investment decisions.

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GMX Trades in ‘Channel Down’ Pattern, Possible Breakout Ahead

GMX coin has recently undergone a whole lot of shift in its chart pattern, transitioning from a ‘channel up’ trajectory to a ‘channel down’ pattern. This indicates a continued downward trend in the coin’s price.

Nonetheless, there are indications of a probable upward movement, suggesting a possible breakout from the ‘channel down’ pattern. This shift in market sentiment could lead to a period of recovery and growth for the coin.

Investors and traders should closely monitor these developments, as a successful breakthrough over the ‘channel down’ pattern could mark a critical turning point for the coin’s trajectory.

GMX’s Total Value Locked (TVL) Shows Renewed Investor Confidence

The TVL of GMX experienced a decline in August, raising concerns about investor sentiment. Nonetheless, in the past few days, the TVL has remained steady over $440 Million, indicating renewed confidence in the coin.

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Having over $480 Million in TVL demonstrates that numerous people trust the GMX project and have invested their money in it. This influx of funds likewise provides stability and liquidity for trading and other transactions.

Hot Take: GMX Token Shows Indications of Recovery and Probable Breakout

The GMX token has been on a recovery wave, with the price trending upward and aiming to reach its previous high. Technical indicators on the chart suggest a probable buying opportunity, as the coin is undervalued and shows positive momentum. Regardless of a recent shift to a ‘channel down’ pattern, there are indications of a possible breakout, which could lead to a period of recovery and growth. In addition, the steady TVL over $440 Million demonstrates renewed investor confidence in GMX. Overall, it’s critical to closely monitor these developments as they could mark a critical turning point for the coin’s trajectory.

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