Hedera introduces a stablecoin development toolkit, now available as open-source

Hedera introduces a stablecoin development toolkit, now available as open-source

Hedera Introduces SDK for Building Stablecoin Applications

Hedera, an open-source proof-of-stake network, is launching a new toolkit to compete with Ethereum (ETH) in the stablecoin market. The software development kit (SDK), was known Stablecoin Studio, enables developers to build stablecoin applications on the Hedera network. It supports integration with third-party data sources and APIs for custody and KYC/AML services. This allows stablecoin issuers to disclose collateral information publicly. Shayne Higdon, co- founder and CEO of the HBAR Foundation, emphasized the importance of customizable stablecoin issuance and management for mainstream adoption.

“For stablecoins to be broadly adopted into mainstream payments and usage, stablecoin issuance and management needs to be customizable for any and all use cases.”

Shayne Higdon, co- founder and CEO of the HBAR Foundation

Hedera mentioned that Shinhan Bank and SCB TechX have already implemented a stablecoin remittance proof-of-concept using Stablecoin Studio.

Features and Market Response

The SDK is written in TypeScript and provides a streamlined smart contract interaction management CLI. It likewise integrates with existing banking systems and on-chain oracles. Users can test the SDK using a React-based interactive demo sandbox by setting up a Hedera testnet account. After the  notice, Hedera’s native digital currency HBAR experienced a 5.8% increase, reaching $0.51, with a market capitalization of $1.7 billion.

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Hedera’s Past Challenges

In March 2023, Hedera encountered network irregularities that led to the suspension of network proxies on its mainnet. This incident influenced critical services such as wallets and decentralized exchanges. The exploit targeted the decompiling process in smart contracts, according to Defi research firm Ignas.

Hot Take: Hedera’s Stablecoin Studio Aims to Simplify Stablecoin Development

Hedera’s introduction of the Stablecoin Studio SDK is a whole lot of move in the competitive stablecoin market. By offering a customizable toolkit, Hedera intends to overcome blockchain hurdles and attract developers interested in building stablecoin applications. The integration with third-party data sources and APIs enhances transparency and regulatory compliance for stablecoin issuers. The positive market response, with HBAR experiencing a price increase, reflects the industry’s interest in Hedera’s solution. Nonetheless, it is essential for Hedera to address past network challenges and maintain a secure infrastructure to win trust from developers and users alike.

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