How Ripple’s Battle with SEC Rescued Over 60 Altcoins from Being Labeled as “Security” – Learn More

How Ripple's Battle with SEC Rescued Over 60 Altcoins from Being Labeled as "Security" - Learn More

SEC Settlement with Stoner Cats 2 LLC Could Have Major Implications for the Crypto Industry

Attorney Bill Morgan has commented on the recent settlement between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Stoner Cats 2 LLC (SC2). The settlement involved SC2 paying a $1 million fine for conducting an unregistered crypto asset securities offering and raising $8.2 million through NFT sales. According to Morgan, this settlement indicates that the SEC is taking a more aggressive approach to regulating the crypto industry. He also warns that other crypto projects may face similar charges if they are not cautious.

Ripple CCO Doubts SEC’s Approach

Stuart Alderoty, the chief legal officer of Ripple Labs, also expresses doubts about the SEC’s approach to crypto regulation. He states that settlements like the one with SC2 are not legally binding and do not set a precedent. Alderoty also points out that the SEC often loses cases when they are challenged in court.

Ripple’s Victory Could Affect Other Cryptos

Morgan’s statement highlights the significant impact of Ripple’s partial victory on crypto regulations. He emphasizes that without Ripple’s fight against the SEC, most cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin) might have been classified as securities. This viewpoint is noteworthy. John Deaton has also argued that Ripple should never settle with the SEC because their victory would benefit both the crypto industry and individuals looking to enter this innovative field.

Is the SEC Hurting Crypto?

Former Federal Prosecutor James K. Filan and Bill Morgan agree that the SEC’s heavy-handed approach has negatively impacted the crypto industry. They argue that the regulatory body, which lacks familiarity with the market, hinders rather than safeguards it. They commend Ripple for fighting and obtaining a ‘not security’ classification for its token, XRP.

Since 2017, the SEC has been pressuring the crypto industry. SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s stance that only Bitcoin falls outside their regulatory scope implies that all other altcoins could be considered securities. So far, over 60 crypto assets have been categorized as securities in various lawsuits against crypto companies by the SEC.

This Could Be the Turning Point We All Need

In the case of Ripple Labs, a federal court ruled that XRP, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency, does not qualify as a security. While the SEC accepted this classification, they are pursuing an interlocutory appeal related to Ripple’s programmatic sales and other distributions. The recent court ruling on XRP dealt a significant blow to the SEC’s attempt to label all altcoins as securities.

Hot Take: Ripple’s Fight Against the SEC Sets an Important Precedent for the Crypto Industry

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The recent settlement between the SEC and Stoner Cats 2 LLC highlights the SEC’s aggressive approach to regulating crypto assets. Attorney Bill Morgan warns that other projects could face similar charges if they are not cautious. Ripple’s victory in its legal battle with the SEC has had a significant impact on crypto regulations, as it prevented most cryptocurrencies (except Bitcoin) from being classified as securities. However, some experts, including Stuart Alderoty of Ripple Labs, doubt the effectiveness of the SEC’s approach and argue that settlements like these do not set a binding precedent. The fight between Ripple and the SEC could be a turning point for the crypto industry, challenging the SEC’s heavy-handed regulation and potentially reshaping how cryptocurrencies are classified.

How Ripple's Battle with SEC Rescued Over 60 Altcoins from Being Labeled as "Security" - Learn More
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