IBM Introduces Granite: Business-Focused AI Foundation Models

IBM Introduces Granite: Business-Focused AI Foundation Models

IBM Unveils “Granite” Models: Revolutionizing A.I. for Business

Discover the latest advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) for business with IBM’s groundbreaking foundation models, known as “Granite.” These models, in particular  designed for the platform, harness the power of generative A.I. to revolutionize linguistic and coding applications.

A Deep Dive into Granite Models

Delve into the world of IBM Research’s impressive Granite models, including Granite.13b.instruct and Built on a “Decoder” architecture, these models utilize contemporary large language models to predict words in a sequence. With 13 Billion parameters, they are optimized for efficiency and can fit within a single V100-32GB GPU. These models excel in specialized business tasks such as summarization, question-answering, and classification while minimizing environmental impact.

Trained on diverse datasets totaling 7 TB pre-processing and 2.4 TB post-processing, the Granite models encompass a wide range of domains, ensuring they are well-versed in industry-specific language and terminology.

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IBM’s Commitment to Trust and Transparency

IBM prioritizes trust and transparency in A.I. development. The watsonx A.I. and data platform offers a comprehensive process for creating and testing foundation models and generative A.I.. This procedure includes meticulous governance, risk assessment, bias mitigation, and compliance measures from data collection to model deployment.

IBM’s rigorous governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) review process ensures data integrity during training. The company likewise employs its “HAP detector,” a language model designed to identify and eliminate hateful and profane content. These measures align with IBM’s strategy to mitigate dangers associated with generative AI.

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Empowerment Through AI

IBM envisions using A.I. in business to empower organizations. The company believes in granting autonomy for enterprises to personalize their models according to their values using the watsonx platform tools. Furthermore, IBM guarantees enterprises retain ownership and control over their data and models.

The Future Ahead

Although while the Granite models represent a whole lot of milestone, IBM’s A.I. journey is far from over. The company intends to introduce more models in different languages and is actively working on additional IBM-trained models. IBM’s collaboration with Meta offers early access to Meta’s Llama 2-chat 70 Billion parameter model. Furthermore, IBM will present StarCoder, a comprehensive language model for coding.

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In the upcoming weeks, IBM will launch new features in the studio, including the Tuning Studio and the Synthetic Data Generator, enhancing the platform’s capabilities and allowing enterprises to fully harness AI’s potential.

Hot Take: A New Era of A.I. for Business with IBM’s Granite Models

IBM’s introduction of Granite foundation models and accompanying tools and features signifies a groundbreaking era in A.I. for business. The possibilities are endless, and IBM continues  to push boundaries in the field.

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