Illuvium Teams Up with Esports Giant Team Liquid in a Groundbreaking Blockchain Gaming Collaboration – Latest Updates

Illuvium Teams Up with Esports Giant Team Liquid in a Groundbreaking Blockchain Gaming Collaboration - Latest Updates

Illuvium Partners With Global Esports Powerhouse Team Liquid

Illuvium, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has entered into a partnership with esports organization Team Liquid to explore and test Illuvium’s new auto battler game, Illuvium: Arena. Eight Team Liquid streamers will play the game in competitive modes, and a co-hosted tournament with a prize pool of $100,000+ is planned. The partnership aims to reshape perceptions of blockchain gaming and demonstrate that these games can offer engaging experiences on par with traditional games.

Nansen Unveils Nansen 2, AI-Powered Features, and Investment Strategy Tools

Nansen, a popular blockchain data analytics platform, has launched Nansen 2, an upgraded tool suite. The free version of the suite now includes access to Nansen’s popular features along with selected Nansen 2 features. The update brings improvements to wallet and token analytics tools, providing users with comprehensive insights into multichain perspectives and specific on-chain token movements. Nansen 2 also incorporates AI more extensively, enhancing user experience with features like Smart Search and Signals.

Pimlico and Safe Advance Account Abstraction with Launch of ERC-4337 Module

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Pimlico, an ERC-4337 infrastructure provider, has integrated Safe’s smart wallet infrastructure via Safe’s newly launched ERC-4337 module. This integration enhances Pimlico’s infrastructure offering and allows clients to build Ethereum-based products more seamlessly. Safe’s module enables developers to turn the Safe smart account standard into an ERC-4337 smart account, offering Web3 functionalities in Web2 consumer applications easily.

Trulioo Partners With Public for Its UK Launch

Global identity verification platform Trulioo has partnered with Public, a US investing platform, to provide UK investors with access to US stocks. Trulioo’s Person Match identity verification is used to achieve high onboarding assurance and meet compliance requirements. Person Match offers flexible identity verification workflows and automated address verification, streamlining user onboarding.

Bitget Wallet Integrates TON Mainnet

Bitget Wallet, a Web3 trading wallet, now supports TON (The Open Network). Users can add the TON network with a single click and manage assets and perform on-chain transactions. Bitget Wallet plans to expand its services further to include support for TON ecosystem dapps and launch innovative products and services based on TON and Telegram.

Galxe Mobile App Available Now on Android and TestFlight

Galxe, a platform for building Web3 communities, has launched the Galxe App on the Google Play store and iOS TestFlight. The app simplifies the Web3 experience for users by allowing them to manage their profiles, engage in campaigns, and claim rewards on mobile. It offers a seamless onboarding process and lowers the barriers to entry into the Web3 space.

CleanSpark Reports Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results

CleanSpark, a Bitcoin miner, has reported its financial results for fiscal year 2023. Revenues grew to $168.4 million, but the company saw a net loss of $136.6 million. Adjusted EBITDA decreased to $25 million. CleanSpark has combined cash and bitcoin holdings of approximately $168 million.

Aragon OSx and App Launch on Arbitrum

Aragon has deployed its Aragon OSx DAO framework and Aragon App on Arbitrum, enabling DAOs to interact with protocols, applications, and assets. By launching on Arbitrum, DAOs can benefit from lower gas costs and a simplified deployment process. Over 7,000 DAOs have been launched with Aragon across Ethereum L1 and L2s.

Hot Take: Illuvium’s Partnership With Team Liquid Elevates Blockchain Gaming

Illuvium’s partnership with esports powerhouse Team Liquid marks a significant milestone in the world of blockchain gaming. By collaborating with established industry players, Illuvium aims to reshape perceptions of blockchain games and demonstrate that they can provide engaging and deep gameplay experiences. The partnership also highlights the potential for blockchain games, including those with NFTs, to compete with traditional games. This move not only benefits Illuvium but also contributes to the overall growth and acceptance of blockchain gaming as a legitimate and enjoyable form of entertainment.

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