IMF and FSB Chart Path to Tackle Cryptos Impact on Financial Stability

IMF and FSB Chart Path to Tackle Cryptos Impact on Financial Stability

Efforts to establish a worldwide policy approach for cryptocurrency gain momentum

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) of the G20 have taken a whole lot of step towards coordinating action on cryptocurrency. In a joint white paper, they emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive policy and regulatory response to address the  dangers associated with crypto-assets and their probable impact on macroeconomic and financial stability.

Despite the fact that the authors of the paper recognize the limited connection between cryptocurrency and traditional finance, they argue that widespread adoption of digital currencies would undermine the effectiveness of monetary policy and pose a threat to stability if granted legal tender status.

The paper outlines the collaborative efforts between the IMF, FSB, and other agencies to monitor the disruptive probable of cryptocurrency. It likewise outlines the implementation of high-level recommendations made by the FSB earlier this year.

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Protecting economies from probable risks

The paper implies that jurisdictions should take measures to safeguard monetary sovereignty, strengthen monetary policy frameworks, mitigate excessive financial resources flow volatility, and establish clear tax treatment for crypto-assets to protect their economies from probable problems.

Although while the paper does not introduce new recommendations, its focus is on identifying dangers and providing a roadmap for the future.

Concerns over stablecoins and CBDCs

The FSB and IMF expressed concerns about the widespread use of stablecoins, warning that it might lead to fragmentation in worldwide payments. They cited the 2022 collapse of the Luna/ Terra (LUNA) ecological system as an example of how a single failure could have ripple effects in the market.

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Notably, the latest report does not cover monetary authority digital currencies (CBDCs), regardless of the increasing number of countries planning to make available them. The paper likewise does not mention non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Hot Take

The joint white paper by the IMF and FSB underscores the need for a comprehensive policy and regulatory response to the  dangers posed by crypto-assets. It emphasizes the importance of safeguarding monetary sovereignty, strengthening monetary policy frameworks, and adopting clear tax treatment for crypto-assets. Although while stablecoins and their probable impact on worldwide payments are a concern, the report does not address monetary authority digital currencies or non-fungible tokens. The collaborative efforts and roadmap outlined in the paper intend to protect economies and maintain financial stability in the face of evolving cryptocurrency technologies.

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