Introducing Delegate: A Revolutionary Platform for Tradable Delegated NFTs in the Crypto Market

Introducing Delegate: A Revolutionary Platform for Tradable Delegated NFTs in the Crypto Market

Introducing Delegate: A New Way to Securely Interact with Your Cryptocurrency Assets

If you’re active in the cryptocurrency space, you know the importance of securely interacting with your assets across cold and hot wallets. That’s where Delegate comes in. It’s a versatile on-chain standard that allows you to permission hot wallets to act on behalf of cold wallet vaults, providing a seamless and secure solution for managing your on-chain assets.

Key Features of Delegate

  • Delegate enables users to link cold wallets to hot wallets for secure participation in activities like airdrop states and governance.
  • With over 150 integrations from major projects, including Azuki, OpenSea, Yuga Labs, Nouns DAO, and more, it’s the leading trustless delegation system for Ethereum (ETH) and other EVM chains.
  • It offers flexible permissioning alternatives, allowing users to delegate their entire wallet, specific contracts, or individual token IDs and amounts.
  • Delegate is fully on-chain, enumerable, independent, immutable, and verifiable, providing transparency and security for users and developers.
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Delegate has revolutionized the way users interact with their cryptocurrency assets. By providing a seamless link between cold and hot wallets, it derisks activities such as airdrop states, gaming, and governance, while keeping your assets secure.

Delegate in Action

Projects like Azuki, OpenSea, Yuga Labs, Nouns DAO, Manifold, Premint, Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals, and Vulcan Forged have already integrated Delegate, enabling delegated interactions for minting, ticketing, social media access, and other innovative use cases. In contrast to  alternatives, Delegate is fully on-chain, providing transparency, independence, and immutability for developers and users.

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For developers, integrating Delegate is straightforward; simply import the contract interface and query delegations before sensitive actions. For end users, the Delegate portal offers an intuitive UI for linking wallets and accessing its versatile feature set.

Hot Take: What to Look Forward to with Delegate

As the cryptocurrency space continues  to evolve, the need for secure interactions across hot and cold storage is paramount. With its innovative feature set and growing list of partnerships, Delegate is certainly a platform to watch in the world of cryptocurrency asset management.

As cryptocurrency adoption grows, users need solutions to securely interact with their assets across cold and hot wallets. Enter Delegate – a versatile on-chain standard that lets you permission hot wallets to act on behalf of cold wallet vaults.

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Per Delegate:

​Delegate is the best solution to secure valuable onchain assets while still taking part  in NFT airdrop states, ERC20 token governance, and more. Users link cold wallets with hot wallets, and then the hot wallet can act on behalf of the cold wallet, like cryptocurrency power-of-attorney.
Delegate Docs

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