Introducing Presearch: A Search Engine with Decentralized Features

Introducing Presearch: A Search Engine with Decentralized Features

The Need for a Decentralized Search Engine

Traditional search engines collect user data, invade privacy, and control access to information. Presearch is a blockchain-based search engine that aims to change that. Founded by Colin Pape, Presearch prioritizes user privacy and choice while offering rewards.

Privacy and Choice

Unlike conventional search engines, Presearch does not track your online activity or sell your data to advertisers. Instead, it allows you to customize your search experience by choosing from over 100 search providers. Your searches on Presearch are private and not used to create personalized profiles or target ads.

Rewards and Community

With Presearch, users are rewarded with PRE tokens for participating in the platform. These tokens can be staked, traded, or used for other perks in the ecosystem. Additionally, individuals who run Presearch’s node software are also rewarded with PRE tokens.

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Decentralization and Features

Presearch uses blockchain technology and decentralized computing resources to power its search engine. It also offers features like PreGPT AI, a Search API for other applications, keyword staking for advertisers, and node staking for individuals.

Getting Started with Presearch

  1. Visit [] to create a free account.
  2. Customize your search providers and settings.
  3. Earn PRE tokens for your searches on Presearch.
  4. Stake at least 1000 PRE to earn increased rewards for your searches.

About Presearch

Presearch was founded in 2017 with a mission to provide a decentralized search engine that respects privacy and rewards community participation. It is powered by blockchain technology and has a global community of users and developers.

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Hot Take: Revolutionizing Search with Presearch

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Presearch is challenging the status quo of search engines by prioritizing user privacy, choice, and rewards. By utilizing blockchain technology and decentralized infrastructure, Presearch aims to create a censorship-resistant and independent platform. With its innovative features like keyword staking and node staking, Presearch is empowering both users and advertisers. Join the Presearch community today to experience a new way of searching the web.

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Introducing Presearch: A Search Engine with Decentralized Features
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