Introducing the Open Platform: Pioneering Web3 SuperApp Development with Telegram Wallet Integration

Introducing the Open Platform: Pioneering Web3 SuperApp Development with Telegram Wallet Integration

The Open Platform: Putting Web 3.0 in Your Pocket

The company formerly known as First Stage Labs has undergone a rebranding and is now was known The Open Platform (TOP). This strategic move aligns the company’s name and mission with its blockchain partner, TON Foundation. As part of the rebrand, the business will be restructured and merge with the team behind Wallet, a cryptocurrency app  integrated into Telegram Messenger.

TOP is committed to bringing Web 3.0 to people worldwide, promoting genuine ownership, and creating new economies through the widespread distribution and simplification of blockchain services. Wallet, at the beginning introduced as a Telegram bot, has become into a comprehensive application and platform that allows users to manage their digital assets with ease. Wallet’s development has been accelerating, with exciting new products on the horizon. A service for merchants was launched in July, and an invite-only developer beta for the upcoming self-custodial wallet product, TON Space, was launched in August.

“Today, with a clear vision, a strong team, established partnerships, and secured resources, we are ready to bring Wallet and the entire TON ecological system to the world. We anticipate that Wallet will propel worldwide cryptocurrency adoption to an unprecedented level,” says Andrew Rogozov, CEO of TOP and Wallet.

TOP Labs, the venture-building division of The Open Platform, will continue the strategy of its predecessor, First Stage Labs. The existing portfolio of TOP Labs includes plenty of TON-based startups, such as the non-custodial wallet Tonkeeper, Open Builders community management tools, and the NFT marketplace Getgems, between others.

“The rebranding likewise vividly illustrates our growth approach – fostering an open platform paradigm that establish a flywheel for everyone building on top of our products and utilizing Toncoin as a native asset,” stated Andrey Klebanov, Managing Partner of TOP Labs.

Andrew Rogozov: CEO of TOP and Wallet

Andrew Rogozov, the CEO of TOP and Wallet, has a successful track record in the tech industry. He led, the largest social network in Eastern Europe, for 7 years, during which the company’s revenue increased significantly. In 2022, Andrew joined the TON Foundation as a founding member and later established First Stage Labs. In 2023, First Stage Labs merged with Wallet inside Telegram, leading to the creation of The Open Platform.

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Andrey Klebanov: Managing Partner, TOP Labs

Andrey Klebanov brings over a decade of experience in investing and deal building to his role as Managing Partner of TOP Labs. With a strong background in securing multi- Million dollar deals and growing enterprises, Andrey is passionate about developing Web 3.0 projects. He has played a key role in the success of numerous startups and is dedicated to bringing the best products to market.

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Hot Take

The rebranding and restructuring of First Stage Labs into The Open Platform, along with the integration of Wallet into Telegram Messenger, signals a whole lot of step forward in advancing Web 3.0 adoption. With a strong team, established partnerships, and a clear vision, TOP is poised to cause a worldwide impact and simplify blockchain services for users worldwide. The fusion of The Open Network’s blockchain and Telegram Messenger has the  capacity to revolutionize the Web 3.0 ecosystem’s growth. Keep an eye on TOP as they continue to innovate and bring new products to market.

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