Introducing Zebec’s Global Crypto Card: Instant, Multi-chain, Non-custodial, and Fee-free

Introducing Zebec's Global Crypto Card: Instant, Multi-chain, Non-custodial, and Fee-free

Zebec Launches Zebec Instant Card for Crypto Payments

Zebec, a leader in streaming finance, has announced the release of the Zebec Instant Card, expanding its range of payment and payroll solutions. This new card allows users to convert their cryptocurrency into US dollars that can be spent at millions of merchants worldwide. Unlike traditional payment cards, the Zebec Instant Card is non-custodial, giving users complete control over their funds without any intermediaries. It can be easily activated from popular cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask, BNB, and Phantom, providing convenience, security, and speed.

Seamless Integration with Apple Pay and Google Pay

The Zebec Instant Card can be seamlessly connected with Apple Pay and Google Pay, making it accepted anywhere in the world. Regardless of your location or banking conditions, you have the spending power of USD at your fingertips. This innovative product aims to redefine how cryptocurrency is integrated into everyday life by providing an instant payment tool for various expenses like online shopping, subscriptions, phone plans, dining, and more.

No Fees and Global Acceptance

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The Zebec Instant Card has no sign-up, FX, conversion, or transfer fees. It offers increased privacy, security, and flexibility in spending cryptocurrency in 138 countries globally. Aniruddha Dasgupta, Head of Product and Partnerships at Zebec, highlighted the card’s global accessibility and wide array of spending avenues available to users in regions with limited banking services or US dollar-linked payment cards.

Zebec’s Commitment to Bridging Digital and Traditional Finance

The launch of the Zebec Instant Card reflects Zebec’s dedication to building bridges between digital and traditional finance. The company aims to provide practical real-world applications for digital currency payments. To learn more and be a part of the financial revolution, visit the Zebec Instant Card website.

About Zebec

Zebec is a platform that enables real-time and continuous streams of payments and financial transactions for payroll, investments, and more. With investments from leading companies like Circle, Coinbase, and Lightspeed Venture Partners, Zebec is already serving hundreds of companies and bringing blockchain technology to everyday life.

Hot Take: Zebec Instant Card Revolutionizes Crypto Spending

Zebec’s launch of the Zebec Instant Card marks a significant milestone in the world of crypto payments. By providing a non-custodial payment card that can be instantly activated from popular cryptocurrency wallets, Zebec offers users unprecedented ease and control over their funds. With no fees and global acceptance, this card opens up new possibilities for spending cryptocurrency in everyday life. Zebec’s commitment to bridging the gap between digital and traditional finance is evident in this innovative product. The Zebec Instant Card is a game-changer that brings practicality, security, and convenience to crypto spending.

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