Is ICO Approval Granted to Japanese Startups?

Is ICO Approval Granted to Japanese Startups?

The Japanese Embrace Cryptocurrency Tokens for Public Funding

Startups in Japan can now issue cryptocurrency tokens instead of stocks when seeking public funding. This move intends to provide new enterprises with diversified income streams.

New Regulations Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption

Japan is well-known for having one of the most mature cryptocurrency regulatory frameworks universally. It introduced stablecoin legislation in June, allowing banks, money transfer agents, and trust corporations to make available tokens.

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Danny Chong from Tranchess, a decentralized finance yield platform, mentioned that yen-backed stablecoins are becoming increasingly popular, with $500 Billion in transaction volume so far. In addition, dollar-based stablecoins have gained a positive reputation due to PayPal’s PYUSD asset launch.

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Binance recently obtained a license to operate in Japan after meeting the government’s revised requirements. The exchange faced regulatory scrutiny in the United States for mishandling customer funds, which prompted its expansion into Asia.

ICO Equity Financing Contrasts with United States SEC

Japan’s new regulations on equity financing differ from those in the United States.

A judge recently ruled that Ripple Labs’ sales of XRP Ripple (XRP) violated United States securities law. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has consistently cracked down on projects that sell tokens without proper registration.

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The SEC has faced criticism for taking enforcement actions without providing clear guidelines for token registration. Industry players have requested clearer regulations to determine which tokens are securities, but the agency believes existing regulations are sufficient.

In the United States, lawmakers have proposed numerous bills to bring clarity to the industry. Several proposals suggest that both the SEC and the United States Commodity and Futures Trading Commission share oversight of the cryptocurrency industry.

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Hot Take: Japan Leads the Way in Cryptocurrency Financing

Japan’s decision to allow startups to make available cryptocurrency tokens for public funding showcases its forward-thinking approach to the cryptocurrency industry. By diversifying income streams, new enterprises have more opportunities to thrive. This move, along with Japan’s mature regulatory framework, positions the country as a leader in cryptocurrency adoption.

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