Jio Financial stock excluded from Nifty; trading remains stagnant.

Jio Financial stock excluded from Nifty; trading remains stagnant.

Jio Financial Services Shares Excluded from Nifty and Other NSE Indices

Jio Financial Services shares were currently worth Rs 254 with no change in Thursday’s trade after being excluded from Nifty and other NSE indices. Nonetheless, the stock saw a 2% rally to Rs 257 during intraday trading today.

NSE Excludes Jio Financial Services from Indices

NSE Indices announced that Jio Financial Services will be removed from Nifty 50 and other NSE indices starting September 7. This news comes shortly after the stock was already removed from Sensex and other BSE indices.

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Stock Adjusting to Exclusion from Benchmarks

At 1.12 p.m., the stock was trading 0.4% higher at Rs 253.8. Upon its listing on August 21, the stock had a premium of 1.18% at Rs 265 apiece. At the beginning, the stock faced selling pressure from passive funds as they had to adjust their portfolio before its removal from Nifty 50 and Sensex.

Jio Financial Included in MSCI and FTSE Indices

Despite the fact that Sensex has already removed Jio Financial, MSCI and FTSE continue to include the stock in their indices.

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Short-term Inclusion of Jio Financial in Key Indices

Following the demerger of RIL’s financial services business, Jio Financial was temporarily included in the key indices of NSE and BSE on July 21. This inclusion was determined through a special pre-open session in RIL to establish the price of Jio Financial.

Mukesh Ambani’s Vision for Jio Financial

During RIL’s 46th annual general meeting (AGM), Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani highlighted Jio Financial as the fourth growth engine. He emphasized that the company’s products would not only compete with industry benchmarks but likewise explore innovative features like blockchain-based platforms and CBDC.

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Hot Take

The exclusion of Jio Financial Services from Nifty and other NSE indices reflects the ongoing adjustments in the market. Although while this may cause short-term fluctuations, the stock’s inclusion in MSCI and FTSE indices indicates its probability for long-term growth. As Jio Financial continues  to innovate and explore new technologies, it positions itself as a key player in the financial services sector. Investors should closely monitor its performance and consider the broader market trends when making investment decisions.

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