John E Deaton Criticizes Gary Gensler of SEC Following Kraken’s $30 Million Settlement

John E Deaton Criticizes Gary Gensler of SEC Following Kraken's $30 Million Settlement

Deaton Calls Out SEC Chair Gensler

John E. Deaton, founder of CryptoLaw United States, has stirred controversy with his scathing remarks aimed at SEC Chair Gary Gensler following Kraken’s $30 Million settlement with the SEC. Deaton criticizes Gensler and the SEC’s aggressive approach, shedding light on the internal struggles cryptocurrency corporations face under regulatory pressure.

SEC Takes Down Kraken

The United States securities regulator charged Kraken, led by Jesse Powell, over its staking-as-a-service, alleging failure to adequately warn customers about associated dangers. Kraken settled the case with a $30 Million fine and discontinuing its staking offer for United States customers.

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Deaton took to Twitter to discuss Kraken’s decision to settle, suggesting the $30 Million payment was an attempt to buy peace.

Deaton accused SEC Chair Gary Gensler of being a “despicable and dishonorable regulator,” highlighting the challenges cryptocurrency corporations grapple with under mounting regulatory scrutiny. He acknowledges the debate around settling versus fighting in court, citing Ripple’s legal battle, which has cost over $150 million.

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SEC To Extort More

Jesse Powell expressed concerns that the $30 Million settlement might offer only short-term relief, hinting at the likelihood of the SEC returning for more. He likewise indicated that the financial strain of a legal battle could cost more than $100 Million and valuable time, suggesting that relocating from the United States regulatory landscape might be prudent for cryptocurrency firms.

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Hot Take

The intense debate surrounding the SEC’s actions and the response from cryptocurrency corporations outlines the complex and high-stakes nature of the regulatory environment. It raises important questions about the financial and operational burden placed on these corporations and the considerations they must make in navigating the United States regulatory landscape.

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