Kresus Introduces USDC Off-Ramping with Zero Network Fees

Kresus Introduces USDC Off-Ramping with Zero Network Fees

Kresus SuperApp Extends Cryptocurrency Cash-Out Service with 0% Fees

Kresus, the cryptocurrency SuperApp, has expanded its cash-out service by integrating with Coinflow Labs. This integration allows users to withdraw USDC at 0% fees, making it easier for individuals to off-ramp their cryptocurrency assets.

Improving On- and Off-Ramp Processes for Web 3.0 Adoption

The on- and off-ramp processes are critical in connecting the cryptocurrency economy to the traditional financial system. By enhancing and extending these processes, platforms like Kresus are driving mass adoption of Web 3.0 technologies.

Choose the Solution That Fits Your Needs

Kresus now offers users the option to choose between a free cash-out service or a paid option. This flexibility allows individuals to instantly off-ramp their cryptocurrency assets and select a solution that meets their specific requirements.

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Mass Adoption is Coming

Converting digital assets into fiat currency often comes with high charges, slow processing times, and low withdrawal limitations. Kresus is addressing this issue by implementing no network fee off-ramping for USDC, providing a more efficient solution for digital currency holders.

The platform allows users to transform cryptocurrency assets from multiple chains, such as Polygon, Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH), into their preferred fiat currency. This is particularly beneficial for on-chain traders who store their assets in web wallets without direct access to fiat pipelines.

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KYC verification is only required once, enabling Kresus users to make multiple withdrawals without repetitive identity verification.

The Race of Web 3.0 Wallet Developers

Developers in the cryptocurrency space are striving to make technical challenges more user-friendly and give full control over cryptocurrency assets to holders. Kresus distinguished as an efficient cash-out solution that minimizes intermediaries and reduces costs for users.

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MetaMask, the largest self-custodial hot wallet with over 22 Million users, has likewise launched a new feature that supports the conversion of Ethereum (ETH) into fiat currencies through off-ramp providers. Nonetheless, users may still incur gas fees and transaction fees, resulting in additional costs.

Hot Take: Kresus SuperApp Offers a Feeless Off-Ramping Solution

Kresus SuperApp’s integration with Coinflow Labs allows users to withdraw USDC at 0% fees, providing a more cost-effective option compared to other platforms like MetaMask. By leveraging on-chain infrastructure and minimizing intermediaries, Kresus ensures that cryptocurrency holders can maximize the value of their digital assets. With the growing list of Web 3.0 players, feeless off-ramping services like Kresus are essential for driving mass adoption and bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat.

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Kresus Introduces USDC Off-Ramping with Zero Network Fees

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