Opportunities Spotted by Financial Advisors

Opportunities Spotted by Financial Advisors

Inflation and the Economy: Soft Landing Predicted

Inflation has been impacting Americans’ finances in 2023, but specialists are now predicting a soft landing for the United States economy instead of a fall. Financial advisors on the CNBC FA 100 list face the challenge of translating this economic forecast for their clients and devising winning investment strategies.

Brian Spinelli, co-chief investment officer at Halbert Hargrove Worldwide Advisors, emphasizes that investors should not try to time the market with their portfolios. The stock market can perform well in the short run while the economy cools down simultaneously.

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Preparing for Economic Slowdown

As interest rates rise rapidly and the money supply contracts, some financial advisors like David Rea of Salem Investment Counselors are concerned about a probable slowdown. Forward-looking economic data already suggests indications of a slowdown. Nonetheless, whether it leads to a full-blown fall or a milder soft landing, specialists advise investors to remain optimistic about market opportunities.

Investment Strategies for Young Investors

For young investors starting out, Rea recommends focusing on long-term strategies rather than stock picking. He suggests investing in index funds and consistently putting money away each 30 days over a 30-year career to accumulate wealth. Halbert Hargrove’s strategy involves picking value stocks with low prices relative to earnings and growth probable, instead of relying on big blue-chip names.

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Exploring Safer Investments

With changing economic conditions, specialists believe there are new doors in fixed income investments. Halbert Hargrove has added government-backed mortgages to their fixed income portfolios for safer yields and less volatility than Treasuries. Salem is looking into safe municipal bonds, which offer tax advantages due to their exemption from federal taxes.

In addition, cash returns have become more attractive, with interest rates of 5% or higher available on some online savings accounts or money market funds. Maintaining 12 months’ worth of expenses in cash can prevent investors from being forced to sell their investments during market downturns. Nonetheless, they should be aware that they will need to pay taxes on the interest earned on that cash during tax season.

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Hot Take: Positive Outlook Amidst Economic Changes

Regardless of economic shifts and probable slowdowns, financial specialists believe there are reasons for investors to remain optimistic about market opportunities. By adopting long-term investment strategies, exploring safer investments like government-backed mortgages and municipal bonds, and maintaining a cash reserve for emergencies, investors can navigate the changing economic landscape successfully.

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