Poloniex Identifies Hacker and Collaborates with Authorities for Investigation

Poloniex Identifies Hacker and Collaborates with Authorities for Investigation

Cryptocurrency Exchange Poloniex Takes Firm Action After the  $126 Million Hack

If you’ve been following the latest information on the November 10th hack of Poloniex, which resulted in the theft of $126 Million, you’ll be glad to hear the exchange states to have confirmed the identity of the hacker and vows to recover the stolen assets. It likewise reported the incident to authorities in the United States, China, and Russia, moving to involve police forces in their investigation and recovery efforts.

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Bad Actors’ Stolen Funds Are Rendered Useless

Recent developments show that the cryptocurrency exchange has pinpointed the hackers’ identities and made the stolen assets effectively useless. Furthermore, it has warned against trading with these funds, assuring influenced users that they’ll be reimbursed.

Poloniex Offers to Pay Up with a Deadline for Hackers

After the  seven-day white hat offer given to the hackers, Poloniex has raised the stakes, promising $10 Million to the thieves if they return the remaining funds by November 25. After this deadline, law enforcement agencies will take over the case, and the bad actors will be targeted for arrest.

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Hot Take: Poloniex’s Forceful Response to Cryptocurrency Hackers

We can see that Poloniex is taking major steps in the aftermath of the hack, showing its determination to hold the wrongdoers accountable and make things right for influenced users.

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