Public Sale of Islamic Coin Now Available on Republic

Public Sale of Islamic Coin Now Available on Republic

The Launch of Islamic Coin’s Reg D Token Offering

Islamic Coin has recently launched its Reg D Token Offering to the Public in collaboration with OpenDeal Broker LLC, likewise known as THE CAPITAL R (“ODB”), which is a subsidiary of Republic. The ISLM token, which is a digital currency based on Shariah principles and ethical values, will be showcased through Republic’s support. Republic Cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency advisory service of Republic, will help in customizing the tokenomics, DAO governance, and economic utility value for the Islamic community. The partnership likewise involves establishing relationships with probable strategic partners, exchanges, and market participants.

Advantages for the Islamic Coin Community

With the public launch of Islamic Coin, members of the international community will have access to numerous advantages. They can take part in liquidity provision, stake their holdings, and earn tokens during the liquidity mining phase.

Partnerships and Integration

Islamic Coin has successfully raised $193 Million in private sales, including partnerships with ABO Financial resources, DF 101, A195, and Optic Financial resources. In addition, an exclusive integration has been established with DDCAP Group and its network of over 300 Islamic banks.

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Aiming to Serve the Muslim Population

Islamic Coin operates on the HAQQ Network, a Shariah-compliant blockchain network that caters to the worldwide Muslim population of 1.9 Billion people and beyond. The project is supported by leaders from the royal families of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as specialists in Islamic and traditional finance from Wall Street and the City of London. Furthermore, 10% of each Islamic Coin issuance is dedicated to charitable causes.

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Form CRS: Client Relationship Summary

This offering is facilitated by OpenDeal Broker LLC, dba THE CAPITAL R (“ODB”).

*Please note, only United States Accredited Investors will be able to engage in this offering.

This is a speculative and risky investment that may have illiquid assets or experience substantial fluctuations in value, potentially resulting in financial losses.

Hot Take: Islamic Coin’s Reg D Token Offering Drives Inclusivity and Ethical Values in the Cryptocurrency Market

Islamic Coin’s Reg D Token Offering, supported by Republic and OpenDeal Broker LLC, marks a whole lot of milestone in the cryptocurrency industry. By adhering to Shariah principles and emphasizing ethical values, Islamic Coin intends to provide a digital currency solution that caters in particular  to the worldwide Muslim population. The collaboration between Islamic Coin and Republic Cryptocurrency ensures the customization of tokenomics and governance structures that align with the needs of the Islamic community. With partnerships and integrations with prominent entities such as DDCAP Group and its network of Islamic banks, Islamic Coin is poised to cause a positive impact in both the financial and charitable sectors. This offering presents a chance for United States Accredited Investors to engage in a groundbreaking initiative that combines innovation with inclusivity.

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