Ripples UBRI Expands European Academic Partnerships for Blockchain Research

Ripples UBRI Expands European Academic Partnerships for Blockchain Research

Ripple Expands Academic Partnerships in Europe through UBRI Initiative

Ripple is further strengthening its ties with academic institutions in Europe as it welcomes four new partners to its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). The program, now in its fifth year, has enlisted Trinity College Dublin, EPITA, IE University, and the University of Trento to enhance research and education in blockchain and cryptocurrency across the continent.

Europe’s Push to Become a Global Crypto Innovation Hub

As Europe intensifies its efforts to establish itself as a leading center for crypto innovation, Ripple’s UBRI initiative has allocated over $11 million to 14 European partners. This development is supported by Europe’s Market in Crypto Assets (MiCA) legislation, aimed at providing clarity in regulatory frameworks.

Enabling Emerging Talent in Blockchain and Crypto Sectors

Ripple’s partnerships with these institutions will empower emerging talent by offering them opportunities to explore and grow in the blockchain and crypto sectors. Eric van Miltenburg, SVP of Strategic Initiatives at Ripple, emphasizes the importance of equipping the next generation with the skills necessary for real-world blockchain utility.

IE University’s Workshop on Virtual Asset Regulation

IE University plans to conduct a three-day virtual asset regulation workshop, focusing on applied research and corporate transformation. This workshop will equip students with the skills required to navigate the regulation-centric crypto landscape.

Renewed Collaboration with UK Centre for Blockchain Technologies

In addition to new partnerships, Ripple is renewing its collaboration with the UK Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UK CBT), expanding its resources beyond University College London (UCL) to include Birmingham and Edinburgh. UK CBT aims to position the UK as a global leader in blockchain technology through collaboration among governments, regulators, and universities.

Hot Take: Ripple’s UBRI Initiative Bolsters European Crypto Education

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Ripple’s UBRI initiative is making significant strides in expanding blockchain and cryptocurrency research and education across Europe. By partnering with prestigious institutions and renewing collaborations, Ripple is empowering the next generation of leaders in the crypto-enabled economy. This not only contributes to Europe’s ambition of becoming a global crypto innovation hub but also supports the development of real-world blockchain utility skills.

Ripples UBRI Expands European Academic Partnerships for Blockchain Research
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