Seamless Bitcoin Exchange: Phantom Teams Up with Ordiswap

Seamless Bitcoin Exchange: Phantom Teams Up with Ordiswap

Ordiswap and Phantom Partner for Easy Bitcoin Swaps

Ordiswap Labs has introduced a user-friendly platform for quick exchanges of BRC-20 tokens, similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, but within the Bitcoin ecosystem. To enhance functionality, Ordiswap has partnered with Phantom, utilizing its advanced infrastructure to improve the trading experience.

The integration between Phantom and Ordiswap allows for seamless swapping of BRC-20 tokens directly on Bitcoin’s Layer 1. This eliminates the need to browse through listings or wait for orders to be filled, providing instant transactions at competitive rates. This is especially beneficial for traders who require swift action in the fast-paced crypto market.

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Phantom recently experienced a significant surge in network traffic during the JUP airdrop, reaching unprecedented levels of up to 90,000 requests per second (RPS). Despite this overwhelming demand, Phantom managed to prevent any outages, ensuring that participants could claim their tokens without interruption.

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