SingularityNET Collaborates with DFINITY Foundation for AI Models Powered by Smart Contracts

SingularityNET Collaborates with DFINITY Foundation for AI Models Powered by Smart Contracts

Blockchain and A.I. Integration

Dfinity Foundation and SingularityNET are collaborating to connect artificial intelligence with blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized networks.

As announced, SingularityNET will embed the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain into its A.I. tools marketplace, enabling developers to run A.I. models within smart contracts on the ICP blockchain.

Dfinity founder Dominic Williams pointed out that this partnership enhances the transparency and trustworthiness of DeAI models, using SingularityNET’s reputation system and governance framework. The goal is to create a decentralized A.I. (DeAI) network leveraging both platforms’ scalability, security, and interoperability.

Proof-of-Reputation Mechanism

In contrast to  Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, which entrust network control based on computational power or token holdings, the collaboration introduces a Proof-of-Reputation consensus algorithm. This mechanism enables governing the network according to the reputation and audience of participants.

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Williams emphasized that integrating these mechanisms ensures accountability and ethical alignment of DeAI models running on the Internet Computer, strategically addressing the values and interests of users and stakeholders.

A.I. and Blockchain Marriage

Artificial intelligence gained popularity with the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but the concept of autonomous agents on blockchains dates back to the mid-2010s with projects like AIRA and Fetch.

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SingularityNET CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel believes that integrating the tools created by both entities is a critical step in creating a decentralized A.I. network for the benefit of humanity.

Challenges and Infrastructure

According to Williams, the main challenges in integrating A.I. with blockchain technology are complexity, cost, and compatibility. He pointed out that most blockchains cannot accommodate the computational resources required by A.I. models, leading to the use of inadequate ” A.I. plug-ins.”

ICP’s capacity to execute 11,500 transactions per Second makes it an ideal platform for A.I. models, capable of containing and running large language models (LLMs) within smart contracts.

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Future Collaboration

Williams is optimistic about future of the decentralized artificial intelligence and foresees further collaboration with SingularityNET. Both organizations are merging their Deep Funding and Dfinity Developer Grant Programs, aiming to solidify their vision for DeAI and refine the DeAI framework.

Hot Take: The Promise of Decentralized AI

With the alliance between Dfinity and SingularityNET, the  capacity for realizing a decentralized A.I. network that advantages humanity is within reach. This marks a whole lot of step toward realizing the transformative probable of artificial intelligence integrated with blockchain technology, fostering transparency, accountability, and ethical A.I. deployment.

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