Surveillance Firm Reports $2 Billion Worth of Crypto Wash Trading Occurring on Decentralized Exchanges Built on Ethereum

Surveillance Firm Reports $2 Billion Worth of Crypto Wash Trading Occurring on Decentralized Exchanges Built on Ethereum

A Cryptocurrency Surveillance Firm Uncovers Billions in Fake Market Volume on Ethereum (ETH) DEXs

A recent report from cryptocurrency surveillance firm Solidus Labs outlines that decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on the Ethereum (ETH) network are experiencing billions of dollars in fake market volume. According to the report, since 2020, cryptocurrency token deployers and liquidity providers have engaged in wash trading, artificially inflating volume of trading by buying and selling assets at the same price to attract more investments and liquidity.

The Extent of Manipulation

Out of approximately 30,000 DEX liquidity pools analyzed by Solidus Labs, 67% were found to be manipulated by wash traders. The firm estimates that wash trading constitutes 16% of the total volume of trading in these manipulated pools, although this figure is likely a conservative estimate given the size of the sample reviewed. The fragmentation of liquidity across numerous DEXs in DeFi makes these smaller markets more susceptible to price and volume manipulation.

An Example of Manipulation

The report outlines a specific case where a group of connected wallets engaged in wash trading with the Meme Coin token ShibaFarm to attract speculators. Sooner or later, the wash traders rug-pulled the investors, resulting in a profit of over $2 million.

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Addressing Wash Trading

Solidus Labs founder and CEO Asaf Meir emphasizes the importance of addressing wash trading in the cryptocurrency industry, especially as institutional interest grows and regulators increase their scrutiny. Meir believes that preventing market manipulation is critical for both digital currencies and decentralized finance (DeFi) to thrive.

Hot Take: Combatting Market Manipulation for a Healthy Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency surveillance firm Solidus Labs has exposed billions of dollars’ worth of fake market volume on Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges. Through wash trading, entities artificially inflate volume of trading to attract investments and liquidity. Solidus Labs found that a whole lot of portion of DEX liquidity pools were manipulated by wash traders, with wash trading accounting for 16% of the total volume of trading. The report outlines a case involving ShibaFarm, where wash traders in the end defrauded investors and profited over $2 Million. Solidus Labs emphasizes the need to address wash trading to secure the expansion and stability of the cryptocurrency industry and DeFi.

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